Why You Can’t Learn Everything after One Day in Rehab

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Many Atlanta drug addicts want to finish rehab treatment as quickly as possible so they can go on with their life, but sometimes it pays to be patient. Rushing through rehab treatment could result in a relapse, putting you back at square one in your recovery. Taking it slow during rehab treatment will give you a better understanding of your addiction, and you can better comprehend the techniques needed to avoid relapse. A short rehab stint may not even give you enough time to get over your addiction, while a longer stay will give you a great start to your healing. Atlanta residents can overcome addiction, but it will take time.

How Long Does Addiction Rehab Take for Atlanta Residents?

The length of rehab varies depending on the treatment center, but it is important that your stay is long enough to facilitate proper treatment. Between a detox program and therapy, rehab will take at least two weeks, and it may be best that you stay between one to three months. The longer your stay is, the more thorough your treatment can be, which means it will be easier to adjust to life outside of treatment. The longer an Atlanta drug addict spends in rehab, the more likely it will be to remain sober long term.

The length of rehab isn’t what makes treatment worthwhile. In order for rehab to be effective, you must receive therapy that addresses your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. A one day stay in rehab simply doesn’t grant enough time to focus on all of these aspects. In a longer rehab stay, you will have the time to learn about your addiction and what caused it so that you can avoid these missteps in the future. A shorter rehab stay is often more about detox than healing the problems that caused addiction. Detox is not a solution to addiction, but rather a first step for Atlanta residents to become well.

Atlanta Addiction Rehabilitation Help

We can connect any Atlanta drug addict with a quality rehab center if you call our toll-free helpline. We will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision, and we can let you know if your health insurance will cover rehab costs. We are here 24 hours a day to help you with your addiction treatment, so call us anytime and let us answer your questions. There is no reason to live with an addiction, so get treatment today.