What to Expect in Drug Treatment

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The idea of entering rehab and receiving help from a professional treatment center can inspire caution and doubt in Atlanta residents struggling with addiction. Entering into professional care does not have to be a step into the unknown. Understanding the process of rehab, the environment of care facilities and the goals of a treatment centers’ staff can alleviate much of an addict’s anxiety regarding admittance.

What Will Happen during Drug Rehabilitation Admissions?

Recovery professionals are available to help Atlanta residents begin and continue the drug treatment process. The process begins with admissions, and a counselor can help you with any forms or paperwork. You may be required to provide the following:

  • Valid personal identification
  • Financial information
  • Emergency contact information

Be prepared to honestly answer personal questions. The intake process is designed to help create the most effective program for your recovery. Be aware that questions may not be limited to yourself, as your relationships with those who are close to you are pertinent information. You may also be asked about your medical history, family drug use, your drug abuse history and mental health information.

The admissions process will also prepare you for detox. The detox process requires psychological, behavioral and medical support. A physical examination may be required before detox begins, and all medical aspects of recovery will be managed by medical professionals.

How Atlanta Residents Can Choose the Best Drug Treatment

Atlanta residents may want to tour a facility before making a drug treatment decisions. A tour will help you choose a facility in which you feel safe and comfortable, and it will introduce you to your future surroundings. Expect to find a common room, dining room, bedrooms and offices. The additional amenities offered by each facility will vary and may reflect the cost of the program. When at a drug treatment facility you should feel you and your recovery are the top priority of the staff. Ask about the availability of counselors and look for a high staff to patient ratio.

The aftercare options or connections provided by your program of choice may be just as important as the program itself. The time that you spend in professional recovery will provide a base for a drug-free life in Atlanta, but aftercare programs ensure that this base is expanded and that recovery continues.

Find Drug Treatment Programs for Atlanta Residents

Our 24 hour toll-free helpline is staffed by trained and experienced professionals who will be able to answer your questions about drug treatment, insurance coverage and the best options for you or your loved one. Give yourself the best chance to recover and remain sober. Call now.