What Is Social Model Detox?

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There are several different schools of thought when it comes to understanding and treating addiction. For many years the dominant philosophy has been to understand addiction as a physical and emotional disease that requires specific treatment to beat. This “disease model” evolved over many decades and has come to describe most of the addiction treatment programs functioning today. At the center of the disease model is the relationship between the well person (the therapist or doctor) and the ill person (the addict). A combination of medical treatment, psychotherapy, and accountability are at the root of most disease model therapy. The goal of this treatment is to change the way the addict thinks and acts.

The social model of detox and recovery varies from the disease model in that it centers on the individual addict and his reaction to the relationships, triggers, and environment around him. In this view it is the environment of the addict that is central to the condition of addiction. According to the social model, if the environment is changed, the addiction will be managed. Examples of how Atlanta residents can change their environment include the following:

  • Closely supervised and medically supported detox
  • Short term monitoring and introduction to the concepts and tools of recovery
  • Regularly attending closely-knit recovery support groups
  • Changing relationships as necessary
  • Maintaining mutual respect for other members of the recovery community
  • Developing and sustaining a positive attitude toward life
  • Helping others in their recovery journey
  • Learning to respond in a positive way to ever present triggers and stressors by doing so repeatedly
  • Individual responsibility and community commitment to wellness

The social model of addiction recovery holds that while the addict should not be seen as diseased, they do benefit from maintaining a life-long commitment to participation in a recovery-based community. The skills that they develop benefit not only themselves, but the other addicts they are able to serve down the road.

Which Recovery Model Is Right for You?

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