What Is Alternative Sentencing for Drug Offenders?

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Many Atlanta residents are convicted each year for drug-related crimes. Many of these crimes lead to severe punishments, but lately these crimes receive alternative sentencing. Alternative sentencing can help differentiate those with true addictions from those with more serious criminal problems.

Who Is a Drug Offender?

Drug offenders are usually convicted of any of the following crimes:

  • Possession of illegal drugs
  • Intent to distribute
  • Manufacturing, production or cultivation of drugs
  • Transfer of drugs
  • Intending to obtain or deal drugs
  • Operating a vehicle under the influence

Many Atlanta residents receive these charges, from a homeless person who deals drugs to a student who drives home drunk from a bar. To alleviate and clear up some confusion as to who is truly addicted and who struggles with delinquency, alternative sentencing has become a desirable option.

How Does Alternative Sentencing for Drug Offenders Work?

Atlanta residents who seek alternative sentencing may seek the following options:

  • Drug rehab. Many Atlanta drug offenders have the option of attending a rehab program in either an inpatient or outpatient facility. These options are designed to treat an addiction rather than punishing someone through jail time and ignoring drug use.
  • Conditional discharge is available to those who drink underage or who are caught with less than an ounce of marijuana. The conditions of this discharge include probation, risk reduction school where the offender receives information to decrease his interest in drugs, community service and also fines. This option encourages less serious offenders to avoid drugs or alcohol by providing them with the proper education on substance abuse and giving them insight into what punishments are possible if their offenses continue.
  • Some states encourage drug court that lasts around 2 years for those offenders who have been charged with felony possession. During this process, an Atlanta offender will be randomly screened for drugs, drug counseling and have check-in appointments with a judge. The offender will also be set up with attainable goals to strive for to display independence.

The public has responded positively on the whole as they are excited to see the legal system encourage a drug-free environment. These options have rehabilitated many Atlanta residents from substance abuse and that did not involve jail time or more serious sentencing. Through education, opportunities and setting goals for drug offenders, these offenses can be reduced greatly while educating the public on how to live drug-free.

Alternative Sentencing and Atlanta Addiction Help

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