What If an Addiction Intervention Goes Wrong?

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An intervention involves an Atlanta addict’s family and friends gathering to convincat the addiction is damaging their lives. Describe consequences that will happen if the Atlanta individual refuses treatment, such as loss of child custody, divorce, or loss of inheritance.

How a Professional Interventionist Can Help Atlanta Residents

Having a professional interventionist present may drive home the point that the addiction is serious. A professional can serve as an impartial adviser, with no personal history with the addict or previous bias. These professionals can determine how serious the addiction is. Interventionists have experience communicating with addicts and recognizing co-occurring disorders and problems. They may be able to convince your Atlanta loved one that there are other ways besides drugs to treat problems.

Even with careful planning and professional assistance, it is possible that an Atlanta addict will become defensive when confronted. If the addict refuses treatment, friends and family may be faced with following through on consequences. The first intervention may be unsuccessful, but if loved ones keep encouraging the person to seek treatment without supporting the addiction, chances are that the person will realize how bad the problem is and another intervention may be successful.

Addiction and Intervention Help for Atlanta Residents

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