What Does a Professional Interventionist Do?

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Just as every individual is unique, every addiction is also unique. An intervention must be designed with the individual in mind. A professional interventionist will take many factors into account when planning an intervention. The drug of choice, level of addiction, history of violence or criminal acts, family dynamics and possible mental health issues must all be considered. In addition, some Atlanta residents will respond to certain approaches better than others. The interventionist must consider all these factors and plan an intervention with the highest chance of success.

An intervention is naturally a tense, confrontational affair. A large part of the job of the interventionist is to help to maintain a calm atmosphere so that the addict does not feel isolated and attacked. The interventionist will help Atlanta family members express their feelings to the addict in a calm, loving and respectful manner. It is important to avoid accusations and blaming the addict for everything that is wrong in the family. The addict must be shown that she is a valuable member of the family, she is loved and respected and the intervention is taking place out of concern for her well-being.

How Do Interventionists Help Atlanta Residents?

The point of an intervention is to get the addict into treatment. The interventionist will help the Atlanta family begin with this goal in mind. Drug addiction affects the entire family, and often family dynamics can affect the addiction, so the interventionist will work closely with the family as a whole entity throughout the process. Prior to the intervention the interventionist will take the following actions:

  • Meet with family members to discuss the situation
  • Spend time with the family to get a sense of the family dynamics and discuss ways that family members might be unintentionally enabling the addict’s behavior
  • Assess the individual’s case based on the drug of choice and level of addiction
  • Help find treatment to begin immediately should the addict agree
  • Help Atlanta family members write down how the addiction is affecting them
  • Organize the intervention

During the intervention the interventionist will take these actions:

  • Act as a mediator between the addict and family members
  • Maintain a calm atmosphere
  • Help family members convey how the addict is hurting the entire family through destructive behavior

Intervention Obstacles for Atlanta Residents

A person must want to end his addiction before treatment can be successful. Drug addicts commonly deny the severity of their problem or deny that a problem exists. A large part of the interventionist’s mission is to break through the wall of denial and get the addict to recognize and admit that he has a problem and needs help. There are different approaches to this problem, but in essence the Atlanta addict must realize that drug addiction is a disease that prevents him from thinking and acting rationally, and that professional treatment is necessary.

Intervention Help for Atlanta Residents

If you have an Atlanta loved one who is in need of an intervention, we can help you find a professional interventionist. Our helpline is toll free, and we are available 24 hours a day. Call us.