What Are My Responsibilities to My Addicted Friend?

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Just as every individual is unique, every addiction is unique as are the circumstances surrounding it. There are no hard and fast rules for addressing a friend’s addiction, and a great deal of consideration and sound judgment is required. You must take many things into consideration such as the following:

  • How long you have been friends
  • How well you know each other
  • How much the person trusts you
  • The person’s overall character
  • How likely the individual is to listen to you

You should trust your instincts regarding the nature of your friendship. If the Atlanta resident in question is a lifelong friend, you have seen each other through thick and thin and you can’t imagine not having him or her in your life, then the situation is worth a great deal of effort on your part. If the person is a more casual acquaintance, you may be acting out of a misplaced desire to do good, your efforts may be resented as interference and you may cause trouble for yourself. Ultimately you must make your own decision in regard to how far you want to go and how much you are willing to sacrifice to help this person.

How Can I Help an Addicted Friend in Atlanta?

You must exercise caution when dealing with the addiction of another person in Atlanta. There is great concern on the part of friends and a real desire to help, but it is possible to make the situation worse. Drug addicts are naturally defensive about their addiction and when confronted are likely to withdraw making it much harder to help in the future.

The best advice is to discuss the specific situation with a drug addiction specialist. A professional with training and experience treating drug addiction will offer a great deal of insight into the nature of addiction. They will be able to offer constructive ways to approach the problem and can answer questions about who you should talk to and when is the right time for an intervention.

How Long Should I Keep Trying to Help an Addicted Friend in Atlanta?

Recovery is usually only successful when the addicted person truly wants to stop using drugs. If they want to continue using, then no amount of concern or effort on your part is going to change that. You may cause yourself a great deal of frustration without helping your friend at all.

Questions about Drug Addiction or Treatment?

If you have a friend who is struggling with addiction, we can help. Call our toll-free helpline to learn more about what and how much you can do. We are here 24 hours a day, so please call now.