Unemployment and Addiction

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Unemployment and addiction are frequently linked to one another. An Atlanta resident struggling with addiction can find it difficult to maintain employment, just as one who has experienced job loss may turn to an addictive substance to deal with unemployment. Regardless of the situation surrounding the addiction there is help available. Addiction is a widespread problem that can take control of your life, but with the right treatment plan you can reach recovery.

How Drug and Alcohol Addiction Can Lead to Job Loss in Atlanta

Finding employment in Atlanta while struggling with an addiction can be nearly impossible. Most companies require prospective employees to pass a drug test which would automatically disqualify such a candidate. Drug use can also make it difficult to maintain employment. Addicts are more likely to be hurt on the job or cause injury to a coworker which could cost the company even more money in workers’ compensation claims.

Addiction requires users to be obsessed with acquiring and taking their substance of choice which takes away from the focus that is needed to function at work. Additionally drugs can have a significant effect on mental capacities and can cause extreme mood swings which make it even more difficult to function normally in a work environment.

How Unemployment in Atlanta Can Lead to Substance Abuse

Problems with substance abuse can also spring from the loss of a job. When an Atlanta resident experiences unemployment, the result is often increased levels of stress, fear and depression. Even if you have no history of substance abuse, this kind of traumatic event can make you susceptible to addiction. Since many addictive substances offer temporary feelings of euphoria, they can present a tempting way to cope with everyday problems. If you feel like you are struggling to hold things together or if you think that your substance use may be a problem, reach out for help.

How Do Atlanta Residents Get Help for Addiction?

Rehab and treatment professionals are specially trained to help you get your life in Atlanta back on track. Even if you are unemployed or having financial difficulties, there are good facilities that offer reasonable payment plans or reduced rates. In order to achieve a complete and lasting recovery from your addiction you need to undergo comprehensive, individualized treatment that helps both the physical addiction and any underlying issues that might be perpetuating it. Once you receive the help you need, it is possible to achieve the addiction-free life you desire.

Addiction Recovery Help for Atlanta Residents

Are you struggling with unemployment and addiction? Please call and talk with one of our trained counselors. We are standing by 24 hours a day, ready to help you find the right treatment option for your situation. There is no reason to wait, so please call our toll-free helpline now.