The History of Addiction Recovery Services

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Addiction treatment has come a long way from when drug addicts were given treatment through imprisonment, religious cleansing, stronger drugs or confinement in asylums. Without the scientific knowledge currently available, people assumed the disease developed due to moral corruption, so treatment options came through punishment or repentance. Fortunately, research has led to a massive amount of discovery in the field of addiction, allowing for better treatment and recovery services for any Atlanta resident.

How Addiction Works for Atlanta Residents

Addiction is now considered an incurable, yet treatable disease. Effective treatment usually involves a rehab program that is specialized to meet an Atlanta patient’s exact needs. Rehab facilities treat the physical addiction through medically supervised detox and the psychological addiction through a variety of therapeutic services. In the past, rehab specialists would only treat the physical addiction through detox, which is only part of the recovery process. For patients to recover and stay sober long term, they must learn new ways of thinking and behaving through counseling, therapy and support groups. Treating addiction is not just about quitting drugs or alcohol, but about discovering what underlying causes make a patient want to abuse drugs in the first place. Atlanta patients must heal and then develop the skills to make healthy life decisions.

Should Atlanta Residents Treat Addiction as a Disease?

The American Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association and The World Health classify addiction as a disease for the following reasons:

  • Addiction is a progressive disease that worsens without treatment
  • It is a chronic condition (life-long)
  • It can cause fatality if not treated
  • It is a primary illness, not a symptoms of another disease
  • It cannot be controlled unless it is treated
  • Addiction can be treated or managed; if handled correctly an Atlanta drug addict can avoid the disease’s progression, loss of control and death

If you thought that addiction was the result of bad choices, then you are only partially right, as it is also an uncontrollable disease once it develops.

What Does the Future of Addiction Treatment Look Like for Atlanta Residents?

Medical professional continually strive for better addiction recovery services. Researchers consider treatment options based on the discovery of susceptibility genes. Some Atlanta residents may be prone to addiction because of their biological makeup, or pre-determined genetic components. By learning more about these susceptibility genes, it becomes easier for addiction specialists to target the cause of the disease and find appropriate treatment.

Scientists also studying the mechanisms of addiction, and work to restore a drug addict’s proper brain functioning and chemical balance. Lastly, the advancement of homeopathic and alternative treatment has taken a huge jump forward. Drug addicts are finding herbal remedies, acupuncture, massage therapy, meditation and other forms of treatment especially effective, in addition to their behavioral and talk therapy.

Modern Addiction Recovery Services for Atlanta Residents

If you need help finding quality addiction treatment, please call our toll-free helpline now. An addiction counselor is available 24 hours a day to speak with you, and can help answer all of your questions about addiction, treatment and recovery. Whether you need an addiction assessment, are looking for recovery programs or have questions about payment options, we can help. Breaking free from addiction is not easy, which is why we are dedicated to helping people find quality, specialized treatment. We can help you too; please call us today.