Staying Clean from Drugs

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Getting clean from drugs is not easy. Addiction treatment is physically and mentally difficult, but the rewards of recovery are incomparable. Getting clean requires willingness to change and quality treatment help. Drug abuse and addiction in Atlanta is not caused by physical compulsion alone, as there are many underlying factors that contribute to drug use. A person cannot get clean or stay clean from drugs without receiving proper treatment. Addiction treatment should involve quality holistic care that heals all aspects of addiction.

Atlanta Residents Can Avoid Relapse after Drug Rehabilitation

After a person has completed drug detox or rehab, the road to recovery has only begun. It is difficult to leave rehab where everyone is dedicated towards the same recovery goals. While in rehab an individual is free from temptation and stressors that may trigger addictive behavior. Leaving that structured and safe environment is difficult and frightening. A sober life in Atlanta is possible, but a person must make a conscious effort to stay clean. Rehab is not a cure that provides automatic lifelong sobriety. True recovery takes hard work, support and dedication. The following are tips that can help an Atlanta resident stay clean from drugs after rehab:

  • Accept that recovery is an ongoing process
  • Be honest and communicate fears, emotions about difficulties staying clean
  • Take responsibility, and understand that you are in control of your recovery
  • Maintain a structured life to minimize stress and addiction triggers
  • Remove all people, places and things that cause or contribute to temptation
  • Do not jump back into things too quickly, as recovery is a long process
  • Keep your schedule filled with positive activities that provide support, encouragement and happiness
  • Take care of yourself by eating healthy, getting enough sleep and taking time to pamper yourself

Finding Support for Staying Clean from Drugs

Support after rehab is just as important as support during rehab. Atlanta drug users are accustomed to reaching out to drugs to relax, find happiness or forget about problems. After rehab a person will need to achieve these feelings without relying on drugs. This can be done by reaching out to friends, family and more. Personal relationships provide support in even the darkest moments, and recovery support can come from many sources. Potential sources of support for staying clean include the following:

  • Support groups
  • Clergy
  • Counselors
  • Therapists
  • Sponsors
  • Teammates
  • Coworkers
  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Family
  • Friends

When choosing a network of support, Atlanta residents should make sure everyone understands their recovery goals and will not in any way discourage them from staying clean.

Aftercare Programs for Long-Term Drug Recovery

Aftercare is essential for long-term recovery and relapse avoidance. Aftercare programs give recovering Atlanta residents such valuable nontangible resources as the following:

  • Support
  • Encouragement
  • Companionship
  • Motivation
  • Accountability

Aftercare may include group meetings or individual counseling. Any aftercare program is intended to help recovering individuals continue their recovery process while back at home in Atlanta. Groups connect an individual to others who are sharing similar recovery experiences. Other aftercare programs offer continued psychological, emotional or spiritual healing to help participants stay away from drugs. Finding a sponsor can be another part of effective aftercare. A sponsor will be a trusted person who can keep an addict on track with their recovery plan. The main purpose of a sponsor is to provide accountability for the recovering individual.

Need Help Getting Clean or Staying Clean?

Recovery is a life-long process, and there are many people who are ready to help you find or maintain sobriety. If you or a loved one needs help finding aftercare programs, support groups or recovery resources, please call our toll-free helpline today. We are here 24 hours a day to help those in and around Atlanta win the battle against addiction. Please call today.