Safety during Rehab

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Long-term inpatient rehab is a medically safe process that takes place in a physically safe environment. Your physical health will be monitored by medical professionals during and after detox, and you will be encouraged to partake in healthy activities and eating practices. Your physical safety will be provided for by secure facilities, limited guest visits and a staff that constantly on hand to ensure that patients do not harm themselves or others. Rehab is a safer method of recovery than continuing the addiction or abuse. Atlanta drug addicts should seek professional help now before they hurt themselves further.

Risks of Trying to Detox at Home in Atlanta

The longer that an addiction festers or that an Atlanta resident abuses drugs, then the consequences become even worse. Each day that addiction carves deeper into an addict’s brain and body is a day that is counterproductive to recovery. Addiction can lead to financial ruin, sickness, death and relational depravity. Atlanta residents run many risks by avoiding rehab.
Attempts to end addiction without professional help are often fruitless and always risky. If your body and brain are suddenly denied the drug they rely upon, serious withdrawal symptoms can occur. If you are not medically monitored these withdrawals will not only be painful, but they could permanently damage your health. Additionally, it may not be safe for others to be around you while cravings compromise your behavior. In a facility you would be kept safe from yourself and others, ensuring that any Atlanta drug addict can get clean.

What Are Medically Supervised Detox Services for Atlanta Residents?

Addiction and abuse are destructive not only mentally and emotionally, but also physically. In the past addiction was considered a moral failure, and it was addressed by withholding the drug so that the addict would be punished by experiencing the painful withdrawal symptoms. We now know that addiction is a disease and that medical detox is necessary for true recovery. Withdrawal may be uncomfortable, but with the aid of medical professionals, it is possible to manage any withdrawal symptoms. Detox should not be considered punitive. Also it does not end recovery, but is only a step in the direction of recovery. If an Atlanta drug addict quits receiving treatment after detox, she does herself an extreme discomfort.

Atlanta Rehab Help

If you or an Atlanta loved one is addicted to drugs, please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline today. The counselors answering the phones can answer your questions about addiction, assist you with health insurance issues and they can even arrange transportation to a long-term, inpatient facility of your choosing. Rehab is safe and addiction is not. Please call now.