Rehab Insurance

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Over 9,000 people were admitted to drug or alcohol treatment in the state of Georgia during 2005 but each year, thousands more go without proper treatment. One reason why many addicts don’t seek treatment is the worry about paying for rehab. There are so many options, however, that this worry should be forgotten. One such option to explore is insurance coverage for drug treatment. Even small amounts of coverage can help make the cost of drug treatment more manageable.

Coverage Under Insurance Policies

Rehab can be quite expensive to pay for out of pocket. However, if you are already covered by health insurance, there is the possibility that your plan will pay for some form of drug treatment. Often people don’t even realize this avenue is available to them so when they seek treatment, they don’t even try to use the coverage they already have. In many cases, the amount that is paid may depend on the type of treatment facility in question or if you’ve previously sought treatment. Some insurance plans may only pay for a certain amount or length of time spent in treatment. In order to find out what type of rehab you’re covered for, contact your insurance provider. Your insurance provider may also be able to direct you to a treatment facility that accepts their insurance, making receiving drug addiction treatment even easier.

Other Health Plan Options

Discount health plans are other viable options if you are not covered by traditional health insurance. While this option may not be as widely accepted by treatment facilities, there are a number of addiction treatment centers that will accept this form of payment. A discount health plan will allow you to reduce the cost of treatment even if it doesn’t cover all the fees.

Is Your Insurance Accepted?

Most drug treatment facilities accept insurance. In many cases, though, the facility will not accept policies from all providers. This makes it doubly important to ask if your plan is accepted before you enter a treatment program. If the facility doesn’t accept your provider, you’ll then have to consider paying a different way or finding a facility that will accept your insurance. Your chosen treatment facility may choose to work with you or even recommend alternative options.

Information About Drug Treatment Insurance

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