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In 2005, just over 9,000 people in the Atlanta area were admitted to a drug or alcohol treatment center. After the first half of 2006, that number was on track to be surpassed. If you have a drug or alcohol addiction, you can be part of the rising number seeking admission to an addiction treatment center. Before you enter a facility, it’s important to know what type of treatment you’ll be receiving.

Why Seek Drug Addiction Treatment?

Ultimately, drug addiction treatment may be for you if you suffer from an addiction and want to change your life. Alcohol and certain drugs form strong physical addictions, which makes it both difficult and dangerous to detox and stop taking them. These risks can be minimized through proper treatment. Additionally, drug treatment gives you the chance to examine and overcome the emotional aspects of your addiction.

All of these things can be accomplished with the help of a rehab facility that meets your needs. There are numerous options at your disposal; the choice simply depends on your personal needs and preferences.

Outpatient Addiction Rehab Facilities

Outpatient rehab is a popular addiction treatment method. Outpatient care can provide treatment for most addictions if they are considered less severe in nature. This treatment allows you to attend counseling, go through drug testing and partake in alcoholism rehab services at scheduled intervals and return home. This model of treatment provides you with the tools to overcome your addiction and be accountable for your recovery in the same environment that led to the dependency.

Outpatient treatment is commonly used in conjunction with inpatient rehab. Often you won’t feel completely ready to return to your daily life following inpatient rehab. In these cases, outpatient rehab is recommended as a halfway point.

Inpatient Addiction Rehab Facilities

Inpatient rehab is a highly effective drug treatment method for severe physical addictions to opioids and alcohol. One of the key goals of inpatientalcohol addiction rehab is to help you detox, overcome the physical aspect of your addiction and then begin emotional recovery. Inpatient treatment requires you to stay on the facility grounds for the duration of your care because an important step in your treatment is removing you from the stresses of your daily life and teaching you how to cope with them after release.

Paying for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The cost of treatment and payment is a common concern for many. If you are concerned about your ability to pay for an outpatient or inpatient rehab program, consider discussing this with your insurance provider to see if you are covered for any form of addiction rehab insurance. Discuss available payment options with your treatment facility as well because they will be able to help you, and in some cases find you a free or subsidized treatment option.

More Treatment Information for Atlanta Addicts

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