Paying for Rehab

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The high cost of treatment may be the number one reason why many of the millions of people in America with a drug addiction do not seek help. What many do not realize is that there are options available to help pay for some or even all of their necessary drug addiction treatment. Anything from loans to insurance coverage is there to help you get the treatment you need.

Basic Rehab Costs

It’s important to understand what some of the basic costs of drug rehab are before you decide how you want to pay for it. As there are a number of treatment types, there are also a number of treatment costs.

Impatient rehab is generally regarded as the more expensive treatment option because you’re being provided constant care from a full medical staff. Inpatient treatment can cost an average of $7,000 but the price is determined by the facility so it may be higher or lower.

Outpatient rehab, since it isn’t a live-in program, is considered to be more affordable. Average cost of outpatient rehab is approximately $3,000 but that, too, can differ based on medications used and the amenities of the facility.

Each treatment type will provide you with options to pay for care; it’s just important to ask prior to beginning care.

Drug Rehab Payment Options

When choosing rehab, you may have the option of participating in free or state-subsidized drug addiction treatment. However, if you’d prefer a private rehab facility, there are a number of ways to pay for treatment.

  • Insurance Coverage: If you are currently insured, research what, if any, addiction rehab insurance you may have. Some providers will work with you to cover some or all of your necessary treatment.
  • Loans: If you have good credit, you may be able to qualify for a bank loan to help you pay for treatment.
  • Cash or Credit Card Payment: Although this option is not available to many, some may be able to finance drug treatment out of pocket or pay via a credit card.
  • Other Borrowing: Your family or friends may also be available to help you pay for drug treatment by loaning you the money. Your loved ones are just as invested in your recovery as you are and want to help you.

If you’re considering drug rehab but worry how you’ll be able to pay for it, research each of these options a little further and decide which is right for you.

Additional Payment Options for Atlanta Addicts

We’re here to discuss and help Atlanta addicts find additional options to pay for drug treatment; contact us.