Mental Health

Atlanta residents with mental health concerns are often more vulnerable than others to addiction. Mental health affects a person’s ability to recover from addiction as well. If you struggle with both addiction and a mental health issue, you will need more than basic rehab services. Treating one half of the equation will not cure the other, and integrated or Dual Diagnosis treatment is needed for lasting recovery.

How Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Addiction and Mental Health Issues Works

The first step in treatment is getting a proper evaluation from a facility that is qualified to treat both the physical and mental health of patients. If you are concerned that you may have a mental health issue that could be affecting your ability to end your addiction, an assessment of your health by a psychiatrist will determine if you need additional or more specific treatment. The most difficult step in treatment is identifying exactly what co-occurring issues are present and how they are affecting addiction. If you are not properly evaluated, you may be treated for the wrong condition or in the wrong way. If done correctly, your mental and addiction can be treated. Treatment will be different for every Atlanta resident, but all individuals should make sure their rehab program offers integrated treatment. Integrated treatment provides therapy for all addiction and mental health issues in the same facility and by the same treatment team.

Mental Health Issues That Affect Addiction in Atlanta

The following are a few of the many mental health issues that can cause, contribute to or stem from addiction:

-Trauma or posttraumatic stress disorder. A traumatic experience impacts an Atlanta resident’s state of mind and can lead to drug abuse and addiction. Proper counseling can help you manage trauma and learn to deal with stress without turning to a substance.
-Depression. Depression is more than a bad mood. If the cause of the depression is unknown, it is hard to break the addiction that was most likely a result of it.
-Bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder requires medication to treat which may complicate efforts to end drug or alcohol use. Experienced professional know how to manage addiction recovery and bipolar disorder and can help Atlanta residents find relief from both.

Undiagnosed or untreated mental health issues like these can ruin a person’s chance for success during addiction rehab.

Mental Health and Addiction Treatment for Atlanta Residents

If you need help with addiction or mental health issues, call our toll-free helpline to talk about your concerns and questions. We can help you find the recovery program that is right for you, and we are here 24 hours a day to do so.