Lortab Addiction Help

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Lortab is a prescription painkiller that is a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. It can be an effective form of treatment for pain, but it can also lead to addiction. Lortab affects the chemicals in the brain to cause tolerance and physical dependence, and it also creates feelings of euphoria and wellbeing that contribute to psychological addiction. Addiction to Lortab is a serious problem that can have deadly consequences, so help should be sought as soon as an addiction is recognized.

What Are the Signs of Lortab Addiction?

There are a variety of signs and symptoms related to Lortab addiction. These can include the following:

  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms such agitation, insomnia, vomiting and diarrhea when Lortab use is stopped
  • Taking more Lortab than prescribed
  • Preoccupation with getting and consuming Lortab
  • Lortab cravings
  • Doctor shopping/pharmacy hopping to get more Lortab
  • Repeated excuses of having a prescription lost or stolen
  • Lying or stealing to get more Lortab
  • Unusual secluded behavior
  • An obsession with the drug to the detriment of everything else

When an Atlanta resident is addicted, nothing is more important than Lortab, and he or she will not believe in his or her ability to live or function without it.

How Does Addiction to Lortab Develop in Atlanta?

Lortab addiction often begins with treatment for a legitimate medical need. Since it is a legal prescription drug, its dangers often go unrecognized or underestimated. The individual will first begin to develop a tolerance to the drug and require increasingly greater doses in order to achieve the desired effect. This leads to a physical dependency. The person may enjoy the feelings of euphoria the drug produces or may begin to feel that drug use is necessary to function on a daily basis. Withdrawal symptoms and cravings will become a major problem if Lortab use is stopped. The chemical effects on the brain may cause the person to think irrationally and display uncharacteristic behaviors. The addiction can then become an obsession, impacting every area of that person’s relationships and life in Atlanta. Without treatment this destructive path can lead to death.

How Does the Cycle of Lortab Addiction End for Atlanta Residents?

The first step in getting clean from Lortab is getting help. Find someone you trust such as one of the following people:

  • Friend
  • Family member
  • Church or community leader
  • Teacher
  • Therapist
  • Recovery helpline counselor

Tell your trusted person about your Lortab problem and your desire to overcome it. Once you have recognized your need for help, it will likely be necessary to then enroll in professional rehab treatment. Through rehab you can end physical addiction through detox programs, and you can learn the skills and strategies needed to enjoy a successful and lasting recovery in Atlanta. In rehab you will receive individualized and holistic treatment in an environment that is conducive to recovery. It is possible to overcome Lortab addiction with the right help and treatment. Recovery can be a reality for you. All you need to do is ask for help.

Do You Need Lortab Addiction Help?

Are you or someone you love struggling to overcome a Lortab problem? Don’t try to recover on your own in Atlanta. Quality rehab treatment can be a reality for you and may even be covered by your insurance. Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day, so call now and talk with one of our trained counselors.