Listening to Your Loved One about Addiction

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Addiction is a particularly complicated disease as it can significantly alter a person’s ability to perceive reality. While there is certainly a strong physical component to addiction, its real power is in its ability to change a user’s psychological functioning. Atlanta drug addicts are often the last to realize how badly the disease has affected them. Even when loved ones gently confront them with their concerns, addicts are likely to react in any of the following unhealthy ways:

  • Denial that they have a problem at all
  • Justification of their substance abuse
  • Delaying recovery
  • Emotional or physical abuse of the loved one sharing their concern
  • Laughing it off

If you want to discuss an Atlanta loved one’s drug addiction, do so in a calm way, but also listen to what being addicted feels like.

How Psychological Addiction Changes Atlanta Residents’ Mental Health

The brain controls the body’s functions through a system of chemical signals and responses. Drug and alcohol abuse hijacks that system and re-programs it for its own ends. It replaces natural chemicals in this system and directly stimulates the reward center of the brain. The brain then craves this temporary relief on an emotional or psychological level that is much stronger than rational thought. It will use every trick at its disposal to keep the high coming, including denial, rage, justification and dismissal. This is why Atlanta drug addicts are often unable to quit abusing drugs or alcohol even when they desperately want to.

How Atlanta Residents Can Recover from Psychological Addiction

In most cases the only way to overcome psychological addiction is through careful, professional rehab. Atlanta drug addicts must learn healthy coping and emotion-management skills. This is accomplished through the following therapeutic techniques:

  • Intensive personal counseling
  • Support group meetings
  • Education about the causes and nature of addiction and how to control it

For addicts to overcome addiction, professional treatment will be needed.

Atlanta Addiction Help

If you want to confront your Atlanta loved one about your substance abuse, please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline first. Don’t let the chaos of addiction prevent you from hearing those concerns and acting on them. The words of a loved one may finally get through to the addict, but you must be willing to be calm. Try to put your anger aside and really listen.

Our helpline is open right now and our experienced counselors are standing by. Pick up the phone and let us help you find lasting freedom from addiction.