Is My Addiction My Fault?

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You may feel as if everyone’s blaming you. They say you’re the reason things have been so difficult ad that your addiction is keeping you from being the person you need to be. Your responsibilities at work, school and home are in desperate need of your attention. What if, as your loved ones in Atlanta are saying, all this is completely your fault?

There are some ways you might have prevented addiction, but many other factors that influence addiction are out of your hands. The key to overcoming addiction for any Atlanta resident is to acknowledge how you got addicted so you can avoid those problems in the future.

What Influences Addiction in Atlanta Residents

Many factors influence addiction in Atlanta residents, and the following examples are only a few of the possible variables:

  • Genetics—genetics make people naturally disposed to certain habits. If your family has a history of drug or alcohol abuse, you are more likely to become addicted.
  • Environment—some environments make drug abuse more likely than others do. Your environment includes the opportunities you have, the people around you and what occupies your time. The younger that drugs are made available to you and the younger you begin using, the harder it will be to quit.
  • Peer pressure—peer pressure greatly contributes to drug abuse. Doing drugs is much easier if you have friends supplying you, encouraging you to abuse and from whom you don’t have to hide your addiction. These friends will either want what is best for you, i.e. treatment, or they are not true friends. Attending rehab and encouraging them to follow you may be the best chance they have for change.
  • Mental health disorders—you may have begun taking drugs to self-medicate a mental health disorder, such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks or bipolar disorder. On the other hand, your mental health may have deteriorated because of the drug abuse. Whatever the cause, mental health disorders can perpetuate addiction. You will need immediate professional help with Dual Diagnosis treatment to overcome both your addiction and mental health disorder simultaneously.
  • Drug type—every drug is different, just as every person is affected differently. One time is enough for some users to become addicted while addictions, like to prescription drugs, can take time.

How to End Drug Addiction in Atlanta Residents

Regardless of how you became addicted, you need help right now. You cannot recover this alone. Atlanta drug addicts will need the professional knowledge of doctors, nurses, therapists and counselors to stop drug abuse. Even if you still blame yourself, even if you believe you don’t deserve to get better, get treatment. Striving, wanting and fighting to be sober are the acts you can control.

Atlanta Addiction Help

Don’t let guilt and shame stop you from seeking help for a dangerous addiction. We’re waiting 24 hours a day for you to call our toll-free helpline. Substance abuse information and your available treatment options are free and only a phone call away. If you need help paying for treatment, ask about how your insurance may cover therapy.