Is It Bad If I Avoid an Addicted Friend?

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It can be exhausting to help an addicted friend only to be let down over and over again. Friendship is a dear thing, but it is normal to feel like giving up when dealing with addiction. If you feel like you cannot get through to your drug addicted friend, then you should take a step back and consider the implications if you give up. Addiction is a great time of need, and it is the time when you can have the biggest impact on the life of your Atlanta friend. Instead of giving up on your friend, be an encourager and help her get through the addiction.

Is My Atlanta Friend Addicted?

If you want to help a friend through addiction, it is important to determine first whether or not he is truly suffering from addiction. There are several signs to look for if you suspect an addiction. Signs of addiction can include your friend avoiding you for no apparent reason, lying to or deceiving you about alcohol or drug abuse, or finding a new group of friends. If your Atlanta friend is showing any of these signs, you should talk to him about his drug abuse and ask if he has a problem. Don’t be shy, and don’t leave him alone if you think he has a real problem.

Help Your Atlanta Friend with Addiction

If your Atlanta friend is suffering from an addiction, there are ways you can encourage her to get help and make the process easier. Talk to her about what she’s going through. Don’t be negative or put her down, instead encourage her. Tell her it will be alright and offer your full support. You do not have to support the addiction to support your friend. Encourage your friend to get treatment for the addiction and let her know you care for her. Continue to show your support, and if you cannot get through to her, you may want to consider other paths like talking to her Atlanta family or planning an intervention.

Atlanta Addiction Help

Don’t let anyone fool you into giving up on your friend, because there is always hope. You can spark a change in your friend’s life that will change his entire outlook. Call our toll-free helpline today and let us provide the information you need to change your friend’s life. We can tell you about what your friend is going through with addiction and give you specifics on different types of treatment. We are here 24 hours a day, and we can help your friend. Atlanta residents can call us right now.