Interventions around the Holidays

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Addiction interventions are risky and emotionally volatile events that require careful preparation and benefit greatly from the guidance and supervision of specially trained professional interventionists. Conducting these meetings in the emotionally charged and often stressful time of the holidays can be particularly challenging. However, if your loved one in Atlanta is struggling with addiction, holding an intervention can be a turning point in his life and help him get the treatment he needs.

Why Stage an Addiction Intervention for an Atlanta Loved One?

Drug and alcohol addiction is a powerful physical and psychological disease. Addicts are often unable to recognize their own condition until they are forced to. When all other efforts to convince an addict in Atlanta that he needs help have failed, Atlanta area friends and family may choose to organize a formal meeting designed to get their addicted loved one the help he needs. Interventions have been portrayed in film and television in both humorous and dramatic ways, but these depictions rarely prepare people for the reality of these potentially explosive events. Addicts at the center of the intervention may deny that they need help. They may shift the blame for their substance abuse onto someone else, or assure all involved that they have everything under control. Some will storm out of the meetings in anger, while others may say that they will accept help but later change their mind.

Critical Components of an Effective Intervention for an Atlanta Addict

There is a lot more to an effective intervention than a group of people sitting in a circle. Professional interventionists lay the foundation for a successful intervention long before the meeting actually takes place. The following are critical components of an effective intervention, from the very beginning through to the final result:

  • Careful consideration of the potential success or failure of an intervention
  • Making every effort to convince the addict of the situation before scheduling an intervention
  • Pre-intervention counseling for all involved in order to help them understand what is happening
  • Carefully preparing “scripts” that will be used during the intervention, and can be extremely helpful as a communication tool for everyone involved
  • Developing thorough plans for every potential outcome of the intervention
  • Lining up the right treatment plan for the addict to enter immediately
  • Confirming insurance coverage of treatment costs and any other financial planning
  • Establishing and reinforcing healthy boundaries, and potential consequences, in order to prevent any further enabling of the addict’s disease
  • Ongoing post-intervention counseling for all involved

Many interventions end badly, but still serve an important role in the addict’s eventual recovery. If your loved one in Atlanta needs help, the benefit of holding an intervention is worth the risks involved.

Are the Holidays the Right Time for an Intervention?

The holidays are often emotionally charged and full of stress and anxiety. In some cases it may be more effective for people to wait until the holidays have passed, but if the addict’s health and life are at risk any delay may be unwise. Holding an intervention during the holidays may require special attention and preparation, but an interventionist will know how to navigate those challenges with you.

24 Hour Intervention Assistance Helpline

If you are considering holding an intervention for a loved one in Atlanta this holiday season, please call our toll-free helpline any time, 24 hours a day. Our counselors will answer any questions you may have and can connect you with a professional interventionist right away. Don’t start down this path without serious help. We’re here to help you hold the most effective intervention you possibly can. Call now.