How Your Medical History Might Be Affecting Your Addiction

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At different times in your life, you need to explore your medical history. At your first doctor’s appointment, they ask a lengthy series of questions about your previous medical health and of your family’s medical health. At these times, you may recall hearing about an aunt that suffered with severe depression, a cousin who committed suicide, or even a genetic predisposition towards heart disease going back generations. Atlanta residents may wonder why your family’s medical history is of such interest to your doctor, but it can greatly affect addiction.

Why Is an Atlanta Resident’s Medical History Relevant to Addiction?

Genetics can be a significant contributor to your physical and mental health. If your family has a history of mental health issues or addiction, you are at risk for both. When a doctor is trying to diagnose your current condition, it is useful information for them to know your genetic background. While it may be difficult for Atlanta residents to understand the connection between depression and an aunt’s depression, genetic make-up can help diagnose current health concern.

Medical History and Addiction in Atlanta Residents

Atlanta residents are prone to the types of problems that run in their families, from a history of depression, to chemical imbalance, anxiety, eating disorders, obsessive behavior, or other conditions. When a person experiences mental health issues, there is often a tendency to seek medications that can alter your state and make you feel better. Whether you are taking prescribed medications for your mental health issues or you are self-medicating, if you have a family history of abuse or addiction, it is important for you to be very cautious about using drugs to treat a mental health problem.

What Are Co-Occurring Conditions and Integrated Treatment for Atlanta Residents?

A co-occurring condition is when Atlanta residents simultaneously suffer from a mental health issue and an addiction. Because these two conditions coincide with each other, the most effective method of treatment is to treat both conditions simultaneously as well. This type of treatment is referred to as integrated treatment. The concepts behind integrated treatment are as follows:

  • Treat the entire person
  • Seamlessly mesh the treatment for the mental health issue with the treatment for the addiction
  • Create a comprehensive treatment program that enables a single team of counselors to assist a person deal with both issues

With co-occurring conditions, there is often the question about whether the mental health issue caused the addiction or whether the addiction caused the mental health issue. With integrated treatment, the team of professionals understands the relationships between the two and also acknowledges that for a person to recover, both conditions must be dealt with effectively.

Addiction Help for Atlanta Residents

You are on a tightrope when you are abusing drugs. To make sure you don’t drop into addiction, you need help. You need to be strong and you need to be supported in your efforts. We know that you are feeling vulnerable and we want to help. We can listen to your struggles, answer your questions about rehab options, explore your insurance coverage, and provide you with resources. Atlanta residents can call our toll free helpline any time; we are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have. We are here to help.