How to Transition to Employment after Addiction Rehab

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One of the most challenging aspects of addiction recovery Atlanta addicts may encounter is transitioning from the rehab environment back into normal life. Re-engaging with relationships, managing money, navigating family emotions, and even returning to work can all either be opportunities for further growth or chances to relapse. Strong pre-release preparation and aftercare are critical components of the gradual process of re-entry into the outside world.

Preparing for Life after Rehabilitation

The primary goal of residential rehab is to help addicts re-program their brain back to its pre-addiction functioning. Neural pathways, the chemical super-highways that drive behaviors, habits, and cravings, are changed by addiction. In rehab, addicts are able to avoid most or all of the responsibilities, relationships and other stressors that sparked their compulsions back home in Atlanta. Toward the end of their inpatient treatment, addicts are gradually prepared in the following ways for the potential culture shock that awaits them when they are released:

  • Private counseling sessions identify and confront underlying emotional dysfunctions that trigger cravings
  • Group sessions allow recovering addicts to learn from the previous successes and failures of their fellow patients
  • Recovering addicts are trained in healthy coping and communication skills that will help them avoid future temptations
  • Rehab staff teaches recovering addicts about the emotional patterns they will experience and how to recognize and manage them

A Gradual Return to a New Normal

One of the most important aspects of a successful re-entry is how well a recovering addict can find employment and rejoin the working world. Some of Atlanta’s recovering addicts decide to find a completely different line of work and may even receive job training while still in treatment. Some, however, will re-join their previous workplace and may feel awkward about it. The following are helpful techniques that will help recovering addicts in Atlanta understand and embrace their healthy, new way of living:

  • Explain your addiction and recovery process to your boss and co-workers (as appropriate)
  • Take advantage of workplace recovery support meetings
  • Find a local recovery meeting and get connected as soon as possible
  • Keep a journal of your thoughts, concerns, stresses, and emotions
  • Maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen
  • Avoid opportunities to get drunk or high with fellow employees by staying accountable to a friend or counselor
  • Maintain a disciplined financial plan in order to avoid stress due to debt

The Importance of Ongoing Recovery Resources

Some recovering addicts in Atlanta benefit from regular 12-step meetings. Others are strengthened by constantly reading healthy books. Still others move into a recovery house before achieving total independence. Sometimes called “halfway houses,” these programs allow a certain amount of freedom but also offer relational accountability and ongoing support.

24 Hour Relapse Prevention Helpline

If you are a recovering addict in Atlanta attempting to re-enter the workplace please call our toll-free helpline right now. We can help you avoid relapse by connecting you to the best on-the-job recovery resources, support groups, and emotional care. Don’t rush into work and don’t overestimate your strength for recovery. Relapse is a very real risk, but we can help you minimize it. Call now.