How to Support a Spouse without Disrupting His or Her Addiction Recovery

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It can be stressful when your Atlanta spouse is addicted to drugs. It’s important to support your spouse during recovery without enabling addictive behavior, but this can be difficult to do. With the right help you can encourage recovery and help prevent relapse.

Ways to Support Your Atlanta Spouse without Enabling Drug Use

We want to do whatever we can to help our loved ones when they are suffering, but you can only help an addict decide to get treatment. Be emotionally available and try not to blame him for the addiction. Take advantage of the times she is sober to spend time together and strengthen your bond. This may help your spouse see what addiction is taking away.

Atlanta spouses can avoid enabling drug use. Don’t cover for your spouse’s mistakes while he is on drugs. Consider opening a separate bank account if you don’t already have one, and don’t give her money that could be used for drugs. If addicts never experience the negative consequences of drug use, they won’t get help.

How Do I Encourage My Atlanta Spouse to Get Treatment for Addiction?

Addicts are often in denial about drug use, and may not listen when you bring up treatment. Be firm about what will happen if your Atlanta spouse continues to use drugs. If the addiction is affecting all aspects of your lives, you may need to move out to preserve your own happiness. This may be the jolt your spouse needs to make encourage treatment. You may consider enlisting other family members for an intervention, or hiring an interventionist.

Be Involved in Your Atlanta Spouse’s Addiction Recovery

Being involved in your spouse’s recovery can have a tremendous impact. Going to family weekends, staying in contact and taking care of household needs will support your spouse while in treatment. Be as active as your spouse needs you to be without distracting from treatment; Remember that your spouse needs to confront the issues that brought on drug abuse.

Taking care of yourself will help both of you recover from the effects of the addiction. Join a support group or talk to someone you trust about how the addiction is affecting you. Be honest about how you feel about your partner’s behavior, and prepare yourself for continued recovery at home. Recovery is a life-long process, and you will both need to communicate openly about how you are dealing with it. Get rid of any alcohol or illegal drugs in the home, and lock up any prescription drugs. Atlanta couples can overcome addiction, but they often require professional help and support.

Help with Atlanta Drug Addiction Recovery

If you or your spouse is suffering from drug addiction, call us now. We can help you find treatment or plan an intervention for your loved one. We can also help you find a support group for family members of addicts. Call now; our helpline is available 24 hours a day and it is toll free.