How to Set Boundaries with an Addict

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Having a relationship with an addict in Atlanta, can be physically, emotionally and even financially draining. Watching your loved one struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction is one of the most difficult experiences you can endure. It is physically exhausting, and you may struggle with feelings of depression, guilt, fear and anger because of your loved one’s addiction. You also may be financially supporting your loved ones in Atlanta. If they are unemployed, their housing, food, medical expenses and other costs might fall on you. You may have had to bail them out of jail. When are greatly affected by their choices, it can be emotionally and financially draining.

Finding Help through a Mediator

When you are dealing with an addict in Atlanta, you have to take care of yourself and your loved one. If you are not at your best, you will not be able to deal with your loved one effectively and appropriately. In order to be able to take care of yourself, you must set boundaries with your loved one in Atlanta. Discussing your loved one’s addiction is difficult, and the discussion can turn into an argument. Rather than trying to set boundaries with your loved one by yourself, you may want to ask a family mediator to work with you both as you discuss changes that need to be made.

What Are Boundaries?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines boundary as “something that indicates. . .a limit.” When you set boundaries with your loved one, you are setting limits to protect yourself and the relationship with your loved one in Atlanta. Boundaries should be the following:

  • Clear and precise. State exactly what you mean and make sure your loved one understands what you are saying.
  • Realistic. Will you really kick your child out of the house if he continues drinking? Will you really leave your husband if he takes one more pill? Keep in mind that addiction is a disease, so your loved one does not need an ultimatum. Do not make unrealistic demands.
  • Honest. When you set a boundary, explain why you are doing so.
  • Firm. When you say you will not give your child more money until he or she pays you back what is owed, follow through. If you are not firm with your boundaries, they will be ineffective.

Setting boundaries with your loved one in Atlanta can seem harsh, but it is necessary and will be helpful for both of you. A mediator can be very helpful when setting boundaries.

Get Help to Set Boundaries for Addiction and Recovery

Boundaries are essential in recovery. When you set boundaries and follow through with them, you are no longer enabling your loved one’s addiction in Atlanta. You are providing them with motivation to stop using. You are demonstrating that you love and care for them, and you are letting them know that you do not approve of the addiction behavior and will not support it. You are also taking care of yourself so that you can better care for them.

If you are ready to approach your loved one in Atlanta about his or her addiction, you do not have to do it alone. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call our toll-free helpline now for advice, mediator recommendations and suggested treatment programs.