How to Handle Guilt about Actions Committed during Addiction

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Many recovering addicts feel guilty about their past mistakes while they abused drugs. Addiction changes the way you think and behave, but there is nothing you can do to change the past. What recovering addicts can do is move on from the past, and work through the problems you created with addiction. Through individual and family therapy sessions, Atlanta residents can learn how your addiction affected themselves and others, they can begin mending relationships that were harmed by addiction, and they can forgive themselves of any hurt they caused. Your Atlanta family loves you, and your addiction will never change that.

Why Do Atlanta Residents Feel Guilty About Addiction?

While it is painful, the fact that you feel guilty represents a positive change in your life. You are thinking clearly now and realize the mistakes you have made. Now it is time to clean up the mess. Be sure to enroll in addiction treatment so that you can create a positive, lasting change in your life. Attend therapy sessions focused on resolving conflicts and problems that have resulted from addiction. Feeling guilty is not out of the ordinary. As Atlanta residents continue treatment and therapy, they will move past guilt eventually.

Putting Guilt from Addiction behind You

Moving past your guilt can be a difficult part of the process. If possible, ask your Atlanta family if they would be interested in family therapy. Family therapy is designed to help families cope with the consequences of addiction, and it helps the user and family reopen the lines of communication. The goal of family therapy is to work through problems and strengthen bonds. If your family is uncomfortable attending family therapy, talk to your therapist about your family problems and ask her for suggestions on resolving these problems. Sit down with your family and talk about the issues at hand. Getting past guilt is an important step in the recovery process, and it requires talking to your Atlanta loved ones.

Atlanta Addiction Help

You’re ready to fight your addiction and get past the guilt, but what can you do now? Call our toll-free helpline today and we will help you create a plan for your treatment. We will give you the details on treatment opportunities, and we can tell you if your health insurance will pay for rehab. We are here for you 24 hours a day and can answer any questions about your addiction, so any Atlanta resident can call us now.