How to Avoid Losing Your Job to Drug Use

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If you abuse drugs, then you may notice that your life is changing, especially professionally. This could mean you neglect responsibilities for drugs, you experience intense mood swings and also that your performance at work has suffered. Many drug addicts find it impossible to maintain a good reputation at work, not only because they are preoccupied with drug use, but also because their work ethic suffers and their dedication to success wanes. As a result, many addicts face job termination, but Atlanta residents can overcome both drug use and its effects if they seek professional help.

How Drug Addicts can Avoid Job Loss

Drug abuse might cause Atlanta residents to neglect work through repeated truancy and laziness that requires punishment. Users may know that they can only draw a handful of warnings until they are terminated, but they may need time away from work to ensure their health. Therefore, to avoid job termination and to recover from your drug addiction, consider the following suggestions:

  • Talk to your boss – Honesty may be the best policy with your employer, so, if you feel comfortable, tell your boss what is going on in your life. Do not use drug addiction as an excuse, rather as a way to ask for help. Your boss might be able to support your recovery and/or keep you employed while you work on sobriety.
  • Attend outpatient treatment – If you want to keep your job and also seek addiction treatment, you can always join an outpatient program that will help you work through your drug addiction as it works around your work schedule. Atlanta residents can live at home and meet their responsibilities if they utilize this professional resource.
  • Ask about company policies – Many companies allow employees to take a leave of absence to address drug addiction, so talk with your human resources department about your condition to see if they will approve a leave for you. This leave may include some payment so you can attend inpatient care while ending your drug abuse. This way you can leave your job without being terminated, and you can return once you complete treatment.

To avoid losing your job due to drug abuse, be honest with your boss, look for outpatient treatment if you cannot take a leave of absence or work with your human resources department to retain your job while attending inpatient treatment. If Atlanta residents take these suggestions, they may overcome drug addiction and keep their jobs.

If you do not look for ways to salvage your job, you will likely encourage job termination as your priorities change. However, it is possible not only to treat your addiction, but also to keep your job throughout treatment. By doing so, you will prevent job loss by working towards a complete recovery.

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