How the Internet Enables Addiction

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Modern society has rapidly gotten to a point where it cannot function without the internet. It has brought tremendous advantages in almost all areas of human endeavor, and its true value and impact are impossible to calculate.

However, the internet also has a dark side. Just as the internet enables advances and improvements, it also enables many destructive behaviors. The internet has created new opportunities for criminal endeavors and has increased communication between criminal elements, terrorists and insurrectionists. The internet has also led to horrifying instances of malfeasance such as an explosion in child pornography. The internet may encourage Atlanta residents to continue with their terrible problems, but it can also help them get out of it.

The Internet and Addiction to Substances and Behaviors

One of the destructive behaviors that the internet can enable is addiction to both substances and behaviors. While there are many online forums to support recovering addicts, it is also possible for drug addicts to use the internet to increase their knowledge of how to satisfy their addictions. Atlanta drug addicts can share knowledge with each other on the best ways to procure drugs, ways to avoid the law and detection and ways to synthesize drugs or viable drug substitutions.

The internet can often facilitate addiction to behaviors such as compulsive gambling or shopping, and may even give birth to these disorders in the first place. A person who has never had a gambling or shopping compulsion in the past may start out shopping online in reasonable fashion or participating in online poker tournaments to a moderate degree. But this may quickly compel an Atlanta resident to become obsessed with the behavior until it takes over her life.

Addiction to online pornography has rapidly become a phenomenon of nearly epidemic proportions, and is the most common of all internet-related addictions.

Is the Internet Addictive?

An Atlanta resident may become addicted to internet use just as she becomes addicted to any other drug or behavior, and for the same reasons. Those with risk factors for any type of addiction are also at increased risk for internet addiction. People often use the internet to cope with stress or emotional pain by escaping from reality and losing themselves in any number of alternate realities or experiences that are available online. The phenomenon has become so prevalent that many psychologists and addiction specialists have given it a name: internet addictive disorder.

Atlanta Addiction Help

Addiction is a phenomenon with certain characteristics, regardless of the substance or behavior of choice. Aside from detox from addictive substances, treatment for any type of addiction usually involves cognitive behavioral therapy to treat both the behavioral aspects of the addiction as well as any psychological issues that have contributed to or resulted from the addiction. The same methods used to treat alcoholics and heroin addicts can treat Atlanta residents addicted to the internet.

If you have any questions about internet addiction or the relationship between the internet and addiction, we would be happy to answer them for you. If you need addiction treatment we are happy to help you find the best treatment options for your unique needs. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline today for instant support.