How Quickly Can I Get Admitted to Rehab?

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Deciding to go into rehab is an important and potentially life-changing one. Some Atlanta residents may think about getting help with an addiction for a long time and finally realize that it’s time for rehab. Other people may only consider their options briefly and make a quick decision about going to rehab. Others still may be forced to go to rehab because of their dangerous and life-threatening actions. Whatever the reason for deciding to go to rehab, once a person decides he or she is ready to get help, that person is usually ready to be admitted immediately.

How Long Does It Take for Atlanta Residents to Get Addiction Help?

Getting admitted to a rehab center usually happens pretty quickly. Since some people need emergency help with their addictions, most quality rehab centers act quickly to begin treatment, often in under 48 hours. When an Atlanta resident decides to go to rehab, he will usually talk to a rehab admissions counselor that will guide him through the admission process. These admissions counselors find out the person’s insurance and travel information and can often help speed up the overall admission process.

What Can Atlanta Residents Expect Once Admitted to a Drug Rehab Program?

Once an Atlanta addict gets into rehab, he or she will likely go through several stages of recovery. These recovery stages include the following:

    -Detox: The person will go through this process while being medically supervised to make sure that he remains healthy and safe.

    -Therapy and analysis: Once an Atlanta resident gets through the detox stage successfully, she will begin to work with an addiction counselor to identify the reasons behind her addiction. The addiction counselor will also help patients plan out strategies and coping skills for dealing with future temptations from the addiction.

    -Long-term goal-setting: Some rehab centers will offer services to help their Atlanta patients plan out their drug-free lives after leaving the center. These plans can range from writing out goals, to continuing to meet with an addiction counselor, to joining and attending support groups with fellow recovering addicts.

Whatever the specific center’s length of time for each of these stages, make sure that the program you choose allows you to use each stage to focus on overcoming the addiction and regaining your life. Even if the rehab program takes a little longer in order for you to feel confident about your sobriety, remember that it will be worth it in the long run when you are completely in control of your new life without an addiction.

Atlanta Residents Can Get Admitted to Rehab Quickly

If you or someone you know in Atlanta is considering getting help for an addiction at a rehab center, know that rehab is always a good option for getting your life back on track. However, even though you may know that rehab will help, you might be unsure of its effect on you or your future, or you might have questions about which rehab center is best for you. We are here 24 hours a day to answer any of your questions about rehab and to help you find a quality rehab center. Call our toll-free helpline today to get your questions answered, and to begin a new addiction-free life.