How Negative Attention Can Influence Drug Use

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When an individual from Atlanta comes to terms with their negative issues caused by drug use, it is common to feel guilt, shame, embarrassment or even anger. These feelings can be a good thing, because they may promote change. An individual struggling with drug abuse or addiction may be so moved that he or she makes the decision to get help. Sometimes, however, these negative feelings can actually get in the way of an individual’s recovery and drive a person to continue using.

When family and friends express anger, resentment and blame toward an individual struggling with drug abuse, the person is left without a sense of support. The addict is most likely already aware of the many destructive choices and behaviors they have made because of their drug problem, and continuing to receive negative feedback from loved ones will only make the recovering user feel worse. Feelings of worthlessness, self-hatred and guilt are difficult to cope with and can trigger drug use. Poor self-esteem and emotional distress are the most common causes of beginning drug use, and negative attention will only reinforce the individual’s desire to find comfort, escape or relief in drug use.

How Support and Positive Feedback Can Improve Recovery from Drug Use

While the consequences of drug abuse and addiction are massive, if an individual wishes to find and achieve recovery he or she must find forgiveness from others and themselves. Recovery is about learning to find happiness from within, not from drugs or other outside sources. If an Atlanta resident is constantly feeling bad about him or herself, they are unable to develop the necessary tools required for recovery. Confidence, self-worth and happiness are what encourage an individual to make the positive changes that enable long-term sobriety.

Quality rehab programs offer many services that work to heal the entire self: physically, mentally and spiritually. Rehab offers positive feedback through therapy, counseling and a strong support system, but this assistance must come from family and loved ones as well. Having a solid network of support is possibly the most important recovery tool for an individual. Knowing that others are there to listen, support, sympathize and encourage can help recovering addicts believe that they can achieve sobriety. Finding the motivation to stay clean is difficult when one is surrounded by negativity. Positive attention and support will be inspiring.

Want to Talk to Someone About Finding Help For Your Drug Use in Atlanta?

Putting an end to drug abuse or addiction can be a slow and painful process, especially when an individual is without support or feels alone. Rehab professionals understand the importance of providing assistance to those in need of drug recovery help. If you need to talk to someone about finding help for your drug abuse, please call this toll-free number now. A trained rehab counselor is on-hand 24 hours a day to talk, listen and provide you with all the information you need regarding addiction, treatment and recovery options. You are not alone in your battle with drugs; call for help now to achieve a better life in Atlanta.