How Much Addiction Counseling Do I Need?

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Addiction counseling is an important part of any rehab program. Whether you or an Atlanta loved one is trying to get clean from drugs or alcohol, your addiction counseling program will be based on your personal history with drug addiction. Family history of addiction, underlying mental disorders and insurance coverage all affect how much addiction counseling is appropriate for your unique situation.

How Addiction Counseling Addresses Family History of Drug Abuse

A family history of drug or alcohol abuse will play a key role in determining how long addiction counseling will last. Counseling comes as a part of a total rehab program and usually begins after a period of medically-supervised detox. Once the body rids itself of the drug toxins, counseling can begin to uncover the reasons for the abuse. Group therapy, individual counseling and psychotherapy will all play a part in discovering how your family history is contributing to your or an Atlanta loved one’s struggle with drug addiction.

Children of addicted parents are at risk of becoming alcohol and drug users as adults. Adolescents who abuse drugs are also more likely to have one or more parents that also abuse drugs. This is due to both family genetics and environment. Drug addiction counseling will get to the heart of the family connection in yours or an Atlanta loved one’s struggle with addiction. The amount of time this takes depends on the needs of the individual.

How Addiction Counseling Helps Atlanta Residents with Underlying Mental Illness

Many Atlanta addicts use drugs due to an undiagnosed mental illness. Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other disorders can contribute to a person’s inability to get and stay clean. Addiction counseling that includes Dual Diagnosis treatment will get to the heart of these disorders and put together a plan of treatment that addresses the disorder and addiction. If there is an underlying mental illness present, the amount of time needed for counseling may increase due to the complexity of the treatment. Many addicts with a Dual Diagnosis find that ongoing counseling after rehab helps them stay drug free. Each case is unique as is the counseling, but it’s a crucial step to getting and staying clean from drugs when a Dual Diagnosis is present.

Addiction Counseling and Health Insurance for Atlanta Residents

The amount of time you or a loved spends in addiction counseling will also depend on your health insurance. Most insurance policies cover some level of drug rehab. The standard amounts of time for rehab coverage are 30, 60 or 90 days for both inpatient and outpatient programs. Once the initial treatment program has ended, most insurance policies have coverage at some level for ongoing counseling. Intake counselors at rehab centers as well as other types of counseling facilities will help Atlanta addicts understand their policies and what they cover.

Atlanta Addiction Counseling Help

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