Harms of Joking about Addiction

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Harms of Joking about AddictionTaking addiction lightly can damage Atlanta residents who struggle with addiction or know someone else who does. Joking about addiction can create and perpetuate misconceptions about drug abuse and the need for rehab. The harms of joking about addiction include the following :

  • Hurting people with an addicted family member – Atlanta residents may make fun of drug addicts without knowing that someone in the group has a family member who struggles with addiction. This person can suffer from her friends’ banter because she knows that addiction is a serious problem.
  • Creating misconceptions about drug and alcohol abuse – The media commonly portrays drug abuse as a fun recreational activity. Characters in many movies represent drug abuse as a comedic experience, but it severely damages physical and psychological health. Portraying drug and alcohol abuse as fun creates the misconception that they are safe.
  • Pressuring teenagers to use drugs – Teens often joke about drug and alcohol use to make it seem like it is less serious. This can pressure other Atlanta teens to abuse drugs to fit in.
  • Making kids believe that using drugs and alcohol is cool – Comedians, funny advertisements and comedy movies often portray drug and alcohol use as something cool people do. Atlanta children may errantly believe they won’t be cool unless they abuse drugs, but this belief can lead to addiction.
  • Causing difficulty with serious discussions – Because people often make fun of addicts, it can cause difficulty for an addict to discuss his problem. An addict may think he cannot talk about his problem with his friends. Unfortunately, the first step many addicts take to get help is discussing it with their friends. Therefore, when an addict thinks he can’t talk to his friends because of joking, he may not get the treatment he needs.

These common and harmful problems often cause and prolong addiction. Addiction is a disease that Atlanta residents must take seriously, because it requires treatment to overcome. Joking about drugs, alcohol and addiction will only misconstrue the real dangers of addiction and the need for treatment.

Help for Atlanta Drug Addicts

If you or an Atlanta loved one struggle with addiction, please call our toll-free helpline as soon as possible. We have a team of professional counselors standing by 24 hours a day to help you find the treatment you need. You can overcome addiction, so please take addiction seriously before it is too late. Call us today for instant support.