Finding the Tools to Say No When Drugs Are Offered

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Resisting drugs is the key to long-term addiction recovery. People may crave drugs after a hard day at work or even from hearing a particular song. On the other hand, feelings of loneliness, anxiety or even happiness can also bring on drug cravings. Atlanta drug addicts may never fully break their desires to get high, but with the right coping skills and avoidance techniques, they can stay clean.

Rehab and Drug Avoidance Skills

Developing the tools to maintain sobriety is the primary function of rehab. The most effective recovery programs start by assessing each patient’s physical and emotional health. An individualized treatment plan is then drawn up that includes the following elements:

  • Personal counseling
  • Support group sessions
  • Education
  • Coping skill instruction and practice
  • Spiritual and emotional support
  • Preparation for life after treatment

While the physical withdrawal symptoms of addiction tend to pass in a matter of days, the psychological elements can plague addicts for years or even longer. However, skills from rehab enable Atlanta drug addicts to resist drugs for the rest of their lives.

Drug Resistance Tools

To get and stay clean Atlanta drug addicts can perfect the following skills:

  • Remaining aware and mindful of their emotional processes and actively managing these problems
  • Admitting to a need for help and welcoming accountability
  • Avoiding places and people related to drugs
  • Preventing overconfidence that may lead to reckless behavior and relapse
  • Investing time and energy in serving others and finding meaning in life
  • Have a good friend, counselor or accountability partner on speed dial to call during crisis
  • Pursue a life of peace and consistency
  • Fill your free time with stimulating, healthy activities and relationships
  • Avoid carrying cash and being alone at night

Atlanta residents will experience temptations to use drugs; it’s just that simple. The question is only whether or not you develop the skills to resist these temptations.

Atlanta Addiction Help

If you experience a craving and have no one to call, then please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline any time for confidential, professional help. Our counselors understand what you are experiencing and can help you stay clean. If you have not experienced the advantages of inpatient rehab and fear that you cannot resist relapse, then please call right away. We can connect you with the best program for your specific needs, and we can even help with logistical details related to transportation and insurance coverage. With our help you can avoid drugs and stay sober for life.