Finding the Right Job after Addiction

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Finding the job you want is a challenge for everyone in Atlanta. Finding one that will support your recovery is even more difficult, but, if you have completed a treatment program, you are familiar with and able to overcome barriers.

Features of a Great Post-Treatment Job

A post-rehab job should have the following characteristics:

  • Not connected to your addiction
  • Allows you to grow professionally
  • Your employer will support you recovery

Some jobs and work arrangements are simply a poor fit for someone recovering from addiction. Don’t work with your old drug. If you have a drug addiction, don’t be a drug dealer. If you are an alcoholic, don’t work in a bar. This recommendation may seem obvious, but adhering to it can take effort. Some people have work histories closely tied to the substances they used. Leaving the business that deals in your drug of choice can also mean turning away from job skills and professional contacts developed over many years. Doing so can be a difficult but necessary step in recovery.

Finding New Skills for Employment in Atlanta

Use your new skills. Treatment for your addiction has forced you to grow as a person and change how you view yourself and others. Assess the new tools you have gained through rehab, and consider taking a job that will utilize them. If you have developed your ability to empathize and communicate, consider working in sales or human resources. If you have been improving your health and fitness during your treatment, consider working in a health club in Atlanta.

Building Trust in Your Workplace

Hiding your addiction was a large part of your life prior to rehab. You want an employer you won’t have to lie to about your history with addiction. Opportunities for honesty are valuable in recovery. An ideal employer will hire you with full knowledge of your status as a recovering addict. Honesty makes it possible for your employer and co-workers to be an important part of your support network.

Americans with Disabilities Act and Addiction

You may want to find a job with a company that employs at least 15 people. Companies of this size are required to abide by the terms of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you are recovering from drug addiction or alcoholism, you are entitled to certain protections under that law. Employers are not allowed to discriminate against you because of your addiction history. They are also required to make “reasonable accommodations” for employees in treatment or recovery. Scheduling working hours around support group meetings or scheduled outpatient treatment is a common example of reasonable accommodation. You may develop needs for further accommodations from your employer, as your recovery continues. So long as your productivity is maintained, any reasonable accommodation must be made under the law.

Find a Future after Addiction

If you are ready to move forward from addiction, call our toll-free helpline. We are 24 hours to connect you to the recovery resources you need. Don’t let addiction hold you back from the future you want.