Finding Spirituality during Addiction Recovery

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Many people believe that addiction recovery involves more than the body and mind, and that spiritual health is essential to a recovering addict’s wellbeing. While it is not in any way a mandatory component during recovery, a great number of recovered addicts find that focusing on spirituality makes recovery a more enriching experience, and in many cases helps facilitate a sustained recovery. If you or a loved one in Atlanta would benefit from addiction recovery with a focus on spirituality, there are many treatment centers and resources available to help.

Spiritual Aspects of Recovery for Atlanta Addicts

Spirituality gives individuals a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and hope. A focus on spirituality can help Atlanta addicts to have the strength to get through treatment, and it influences their ongoing treatment and commitment to sobriety and recovery.

Ways to incorporate spirituality into treatment include:

  • Meetings with a spiritual counselor
  • Participation in activities relevant to your beliefs (church activities, meditation, etc.)
  • Reflecting on your values and beliefs
  • Building constructive relationships with people who hold similar values and beliefs
  • Community involvement and investment in others

Some recovering addicts are turned off by the idea of relying on spirituality in order to overcome addiction because they think that the term applies only to religious activities and beliefs. However, spirituality also applies to the internal aspects of recovery, such as determining what your moral beliefs are, using your gifts and talents in a positive way, finding a new perspective and a sense of fulfillment in something other than drugs.

There are also many holistic options that can help recovering addicts relax and have time to reflect on their spiritual beliefs, such as:

  • Acupuncture
  • Aromatherapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Music and art therapy
  • Wilderness therapy
  • Meditation
  • Yoga and other fitness activities

Addiction is not just a physical disease, and many addicts are aided by focusing on the emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of their lives as well.

How Atlanta Addicts Can Find a Deeper Purpose in Addiction Recovery

The spirituality involved in the 12-step principles of recovery can help recovering addicts feel as though they are working toward a fuller and more holistic recovery than they would experience otherwise. While the original 12-step recovery model focuses on acknowledging and relying on a higher power, there are universal 12-step programs that focus on the same positive aspects without requiring members to adhere to any particular set of beliefs.

Atlanta area recovering addicts are not required to participate in the spiritual aspects of addiction recovery. Overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction and experiencing life-changing recovery do not only occur through spirituality. Professional treatment programs that do not address spirituality deal comprehensively with the psychological issues that underlie addiction.

Help for Addiction

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