Fears about Life after Rehab

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Drug users avoid recovery for many reasons. They are comfortable in their habits, they do not see it as a problem or they fear what a sober life may be like. They no longer remember what a normal, healthy life in Atlanta is like, and they understand that challenges will surround such activities as acquiring a job, re-establishing old relationships and maintaining a stable life. However these challenges are nothing compared to the reward of a drug-free life.

Reclaiming Former Relationships

A major fear for recovering addicts is repairing the relationships that drugs disrupted. Addiction changes relationships, but loved ones will embrace a new and drug-free you. Those who truly care about your health will support your decision to get clean and will be there for you when you return from rehab.

Finding Employment after Addiction

Employment is difficult for anyone to find, and a past peppered with drug use and related legal charges can make the job search seem impossible. However many rehab centers work with patients to build valuable workplace skills and find employment. Support groups are also a great way to build new social and professional connections and to find employers who understand the value of the hard work you have put in to get sober.

Avoiding Relapse in Atlanta

Relapse is always a risk for a recovering Atlanta resident, but this doesn’t mean that fear of relapse has to drive your life. You can build healthy relationships, find positive hobbies and pursue a healthy life. Avoiding drug-using peers and environmental and situational drug-use triggers and learning how to manage and cope with stress and other powerful emotions will ensure you have a healthy life you enjoy.

Reclaim Your Life in Atlanta

You can’t experience the benefits of life after rehab, until you get professional help. Call our toll-free helpline to begin your journey toward a drug-free life. We are here 24 hours a day, so please call now.