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Millions of people in the US suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction. Among these millions of sufferers are teens. In fact, over 37 percent of high school students in Atlanta, Georgia admitted to trying marijuana in 2007. While recent studies have shown that on the whole, teen drug use is declining, it still remains a serious issue.

Ultimately drug use affects everyone, regardless of age. If someone in your family has a problem with drug addiction, you need to understand what to do. Drug treatment can save their life, but they may be resistant to the idea. In order to give them the best guidance, you need to understand more about what they’ll undergo during rehab in both outpatient and inpatient programs. If you do this, you may succeed in convincing them to get the help they need.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs

Outpatient treatment is a common option for anyone with a dependency that doesn’t require constant medical supervision. Group and individual counseling makes up the majority of outpatient treatment, while allowing you to still live at home. One of the benefits of outpatient treatment is that you are able to make changes to your behavior immediately, and put them to the test in your natural environment. However, for more severe addictions, you may be referred to an inpatient program which will provide you more structure to help you get well.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment Programs

Inpatient addiction treatment can sometimes be the best option for you if you have been unable to self-rehabilitate or need medically supervised detox. Inpatient treatment takes you out of your normal environment, cleanses your body of the physical aspects of your dependency and teaches you how to handle the pressures that contributed to your addiction. Numerous forms of counseling are used and you will be supervised throughout the entire process for signs of relapse.

Other counseling is also occasionally recommended for you as well, including outpatient family counseling. This will help bring recovery to everyone impacted by drug or alcohol abuse. In many cases, this can also stop the cycle of addiction, as family members of addicts are likely to become addicts themselves. There are also support groups available for families of addicts. These can help teach you how to handle your loved one’s addictions in ways that also help them.

Family Rehab Help for Atlanta Addicts

If you are in need of drug rehab and you’d like to discuss options that can benefit your family in Atlanta as well, contact us at our toll-free helpline or through our website.