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Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious issue not only throughout the United States, but also in the state of Georgia. In Georgia, more than 200,000 people did not seek treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction when they needed it. This may be because of a number of misconceptions regarding drug rehab facilities and the reliability of treatment.

Common Drug Addiction Treatment Myths

Although it may not be the only reason that people choose not to seek treatment for a drug addiction, lack of accurate knowledge of treatment procedures has a definitive impact. It is important to understand more about addiction and drug treatment and dispel any myths you may have heard about both.

Myth 1 – Recovery and Relapse Rates

Often, addicts believe they will have greater success if they rehabilitate themselves, and thus won’t seek treatment. However, with the CDC reporting that only three to seven percent of all self-rehabilitation attempts are successful, this idea is easily disproved. Additionally, relapse rates fall far under 50 percent for successfully completed treatment programs. Relapse rates are much higher for self-rehabilitation attempts. Seeking treatment from a qualified rehab facility will increase your chances of making a successful recovery, if you are willing.

Myth 2 – Treatment Availability and Type

Another misconception about drug rehab involves the types of treatment available. Some believe that there won’t be a treatment structure that is right for them. This is untrue. Rehab is available in a number of different forms. Outpatient and inpatient care are available. Inpatient care is an intense, live-in form of rehab, while outpatient treatment allows you to return home between treatment sessions. Specialized treatment programs are also available if you find yourself needing additional comforts, alternative means or gender-specific therapy.

Myth 3 – Payment and Insurance

Many believe that rehab is unattainable because of limited payment options available to them. This is also a false assumption. You have a number of payment routes you may wish to explore if you choose to seek drug addiction treatment. Many treatment facilities will work with you if you cannot afford rehab, including offering financing or some form of payment plan. Additionally, if you have insurance, you may be covered for drug treatment. The best way to confirm that you are covered, or that the treatment facility you have chosen will work with you, is to discuss payment methods before beginning rehab.

Finding Treatment for Atlanta Addicts

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