Drug Addiction Recovery One Day at a Time

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During drug addiction treatment, Atlanta patients transition from frequent drug abuse to absolute abstinence, which can cause a person’s mind and body to go through many emotional and physical changes. One of the most difficult aspects of drug addiction recovery is the length of the process, or how long it takes the mind and body to adjust. In fact the recovery process continues even after rehab, as remaining clean is a daily decision. Some days, when life is full and rich with family or a satisfying career, the decision is easy; but, other days, when family life or work is stressful and negative influences emerge, the decision is far more difficult. With some help, Atlanta residents can get clean and stay that way.

What Atlanta Residents Can Expect in Drug Rehabilitation

In drug rehab, Atlanta patients first detox, which means that medical professionals monitor them as their body empty themselves of all the toxins from drug abuse. After detox, patients receive treatment for the psychological component of addiction through counseling. But, what can patients anticipate about the personal experience of rehab? What is rehab really like?

Rehab centers vary, but typically addiction professionals at treatment centers are genuinely compassionate toward those who struggle with substance abuse. Many of these professionals have had addiction personally impact them, or they simply want to help people. This means that Atlanta patients can anticipate a warm welcome and attentive care.

Furthermore, contrary to the stereotype of rehab buildings that resemble hospitals, many modern rehab centers offer small communities and comfortable accommodations. Luxury rehab even offers fine dining and cuisine, and holistic rehab offers amenities, such as as swimming, yoga class, equine therapy, or acupuncture.

What Atlanta Residents Can Expect after Drug Rehabilitation

Former rehab patients increase their chances of permanent sobriety if they continue some form of treatment. Even after they complete a drug rehab program, Atlanta residents can continue treatment with outpatient services, such as counseling sessions or a support group. It is important that people continue to experience recovery one day at a time, and surround themselves with positive, caring people who can help in the event of a possible relapse, as well as provide encouragement on a regular basis.

Drug Addiction Treatment for Atlanta Residents

If you or someone you love in Atlanta is battling a drug addiction, please dial our toll free helpline to connect with a drug addiction counselor who can answer your questions and discuss treatment options. Your counselor can also check your insurance information for your level of coverage and recommend a treatment program that is right for you or your loved one. Our helpline is available 24/7, so please don’t hesitate to call anytime. All calls are free and confidential, and we are eager and willing to help.