Does an Intervention Have to Be Confrontational?

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Drug and alcohol interventions are often portrayed as highly charged, emotional events filled with anger and harsh words. Although true in some cases, this view of intervention can cause fear and discouragement. A planned intervention done with the help of a professional interventionist can be a powerful and positive step in getting a loved one in Atlanta the treatment he needs. Making the decision to hold an intervention may seem frightening at first, but following through can save your loved one’s life.

Atlanta Addiction Intervention

Addiction intervention is by nature a confrontational experience. Any time a person who struggles with a negative behavior is confronted by his family strong emotions can arise. This does not necessarily mean that the experience has to be a negative one. Working with a professional interventionist can help Atlanta residents plan, rehearse and carry out an intervention for your addicted loved one. Interventionists encourage family members and close friends to share how the addiction makes them feel and put it into language their loved one can understand. Keeping feelings under control while expressing how the addiction is impacting family members is the goal. Interventionists put together a team of people closest to the addicted loved one and work with them to choose an appropriate time. Interventionists also help the intervention team by rehearsing the intervention. Knowing what to expect in the process helps lessen the likelihood of a negative confrontation.

The Role of Family Members in an Intervention

Family members play an important role in an addiction intervention. Family members help the interventionist understand the situation and the state of mind of their addicted loved one. The leader of the intervention team works with the professional to choose a time that is safe for the event to take place. Family members also provide information that will help the interventionist find an appropriate treatment program for their loved one. An intervention is a controlled, well-rehearsed and well-choreographed event for Atlanta residents. By the time the intervention takes place, each member of the team has rehearsed his role many times over. Although the situation may be uncomfortable, a well-planned intervention can take place without becoming negative.

Finding Help for Atlanta Residents with Addiction Issues

Atlanta residents who are addicted to drugs or alcohol often need the help of loved ones to make them understand they need treatment. If you or a loved one in Atlanta struggles with alcohol or drug addiction, we are here to help you. Call our toll-free number 24 hours a day to speak to a helpline counselor. We are ready to answer your questions about addiction and help you find the treatment you need.