Does Addiction Prevention Work?

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Addiction prevention does not just apply to first time users; it can help current addicts or those in danger of relapse. Addiction prevention is a common-sense, effective way to address addiction in any Atlanta resident. Preventative measures do not come with a 100% guarantee, but addiction prevention does produce successful results and raises awareness for addiction treatment needs.

Addiction Prevention for Atlanta Children and Teens

Because of a push by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, addiction prevention programs for teens and children are becoming popular. Prevention campaigns include the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign and the Drug-Free Communities Support Program. Each campaign advocates its message to households, schools and Atlanta communities.

These services educate youth on the consequences of substance abuse and addiction. They also provide resources on how to stay drug-free. Prevention programs in communities and schools involve students in other activities, clubs and hobbies to encourage healthy social interaction without drugs or alcohol. These programs also discuss peer pressure and explore healthy ways to overcome it. Prevention programs can help any Atlanta student learn more about drugs and how to avoid them.

Do Addiction Prevention Programs Help Atlanta Addicts in Recovery?

Addiction prevention programs are also available in rehab programs. Because addiction is a life-long illness, relapse is always a possibility. Prevention programs train addicts to remain sober for the long-haul and avoid relapse. Addiction prevention programs teach recovering addicts to cope with stress and situations that trigger substance abuse. Superior rehab programs provide prevention services that improve a recovering addict’s chances at long-term sobriety. If you are a recovering addict in Atlanta, and addiction prevention program may help you stay sober.

What Happens in Addiction Prevention Programs?

Other addiction prevention methods include the following services:

  • Requiring physicians and pharmacists to educate their patients on the dangers of prescription drug abuse
  • Educating health care providers on drug diversion and insurance fraud claims
  • Requiring medical professionals to monitor prescription drug disbursement
  • Developing programs to dispose of unused prescription medications
  • Enforcing laws that control prescription drugs
  • The advancement of drug courts that raise awareness for addiction and addicts into treatment rather than throwing them in jail and then back onto the streets
  • Requiring workplace substance abuse prevention programs or lectures

Atlanta drug addicts can benefit from any of these services by seeking professional help.

Early Signs of Addiction

Despite the best efforts of many professionals, some prevention programs may not be enough to avert addictive behavior. Addiction prevention programs teach people to identify the early signs of addiction or relapse, which is imperative to avoid a worsening problem. To identify the signs of addiction look for the following behaviors:

  • Isolation
  • Disinterest in old friends, activities, school, work and other pastimes
  • Unexplained mood swings, emotional instability
  • Monetary concerns or troubles
  • Insecurity
  • Selfishness
  • Deceitfulness

If you recognize these symptoms in yourself or another Atlanta resident, consider the likelihood of addiction and seek immediate help.

Atlanta Addiction Help

If you are looking for quality addiction treatment or addiction prevention services, please call our toll-free helpline now. Our addiction counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer questions for those struggling with addiction. We can assist you with all of your recovery needs, so please don’t try to go through this alone. Pick up the phone and let us help you today.