Drug and alcohol detox is the process in which a person’s body readjusts to functioning without the presence of a foreign substance. This period of readjustment many include withdrawal symptoms, but medically supervised detox services can treat withdrawal symptoms as they arise while helping an individual become accustomed to living without the substance. Detox is not a treatment for addiction, but it is an important first step for any Atlanta resident seeking a drug-free life. Detox services can be provided on an outpatient or inpatient basis, and the level of help required will depend on the substance or substances used, individual desires and the severity of addiction.

When Does an Atlanta Resident Need Detoxification?

If you have developed a physical dependency to a drug or alcohol and experience withdrawal symptoms when the drug is not present, you need detox. Detox treats the physical aspect of substance addiction. Many addictive substances alter the chemicals in the brain or cause physical changes in the body. A person’s body will adapt to these changes and become imbalanced if the drug or alcohol is not present. The person will experience painful withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings, but the specific symptoms, the severity of the symptoms and the duration of the symptoms will vary between substances and individuals. Not all drugs cause physical dependency. Some drugs cause a psychological addiction but do not cause physical changes in a person’s body. While a psychological addiction will still require treatment and recovery help, detox may not be necessary.

Is Drug Detoxification the Only Treatment Atlanta Residents Need?

While detox is a crucial step in the recovery process, it is not the only treatment needed. Detox should be followed by an individualized and multifaceted rehab treatment plan that includes elements such as the following:

  • Counseling
  • Therapy
  • Support group attendance
  • Relapse prevention training

Underlying issues contribute to addiction, and, unless these issues are uncovered and treated, addiction will continue. Rehab treats all aspects of a person’s life to provide him or her with the skills and strategies needed to get clean and stay that way for a lifetime.

Do You Need Detoxification Help?

Do you want to stop using drugs or drinking but find that you can’t because of painful withdrawal symptoms? Let us help you. Atlanta residents interested in detox can call our toll-free helpline 24 hours day. We can answer your questions and get you the detox and rehab solutions you need.