Dangers of Looking for Acceptance through Drug Use

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Looking for acceptance through drug use can lead to addiction. This is especially true in teens and young adults and during times of stress and transition. Young people need to feel like they belong, and using drugs to feel accepted or like one of the crowd is tempting. Young people also struggle with self-esteem issues and using drugs can remove inhibitions and make a person feel less like themselves and more like everyone else. Teens and young adults who struggle with depression can also feel tempted to use drugs. The stress of high school and college and the increased need to perform at higher and higher levels can make drugs seem like the answer. Emotions run high in young people and making good decisions about drug use can often be clouded by feelings of insecurity, times of transition and the need to be accepted by those around them in Atlanta.

Drug Use and Insecurity

Feelings of insecurity can lead young people to turn to drug use. Being in social situations where others are using may make drugs seem like a good idea and a way to gain acceptance. Insecurity about appearance, clothing, experiences and grades can all make a young person more susceptible to drug use. Talking to parents, teachers and trusted friends about feelings of insecurity can help. Realizing that you are not alone in how you feel and that what you are going through is a normal part of growing up can help you resist the pressure to use drugs and alcohol.

Drug Use and Transitions in Atlanta

Teens and young adults experience many times of transition in their lives in Atlanta. Changing from middle school to high school and from high school to college can make using drugs to cope with emotions and stress seem like the answer. Making new friends, finding someone to eat lunch with or attending social events for the first time can be challenging. Drugs can make young people lose their inhibitions and feel like they are communicating with others in authentic ways. Unfortunately using drugs or alcohol can quickly lead to addiction, especially if the person using them is trying to escape from reality. Divorce, the death of a parent or grandparent and moving to a new town are other times of transition for teenagers. Talking about how each of these things makes you feel with a trusted adult or friend can help. Turning to drugs during these times can cause other drug seeking behaviors that can put you and you loved ones in danger and lead to addiction.
Drug Use and Acceptance

Feeling accepted is an important part of growing up. Finding the right group to be accepted by is the challenge. Those in the drug culture are always ready to share the experience with someone else as an excuse to use more drugs. Watching older, more experienced students use drugs may make it seem like a safe way to have fun in Atlanta. Teens and young adults who use drugs to fit in are headed towards addiction and need help. Rehab programs designed especially for struggling teens can help them understand there are other, better ways to find acceptance and learn to live life free from drugs.

Addiction Help for Atlanta Residents

If you are a young person struggling with addiction or know someone who is, getting help is the most important thing. Our helpline counselors are here 24 hours a day to answer your questions about drugs, addiction and treatment options. Call our toll-free number now.