Dangers of Getting Prescription Drugs from Friends

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Prescription drug addiction can develop for other reasons than just to “get high.” Some Atlanta individuals may abuse prescription drugs as a way of coping with anxiety, forgetting troubles, staying alert or even losing weight. Excluding marijuana, prescription drug abuse in the U.S. exceeds that of all illegal drugs. The main reason for this is that tranquilizers, sedatives, stimulants and painkillers—all highly addictive substances—can be easily found in many homes. If we add to this the ever-increasing number of young people and adults who take pills from another person’s prescription, usually a friend or family member, the problem grows.

Why Some Atlanta Residents Abuse Prescription Drugs

Borrowing prescription drugs might not seem like such a big deal to some Atlanta residents. Some common reasons why Atlanta residents may begin to borrow and abuse prescription drugs include:

  • They are easy to get – The medications are usually available right there in the medicine cabinet or can be obtained just by asking a friend for some pills.
  • It doesn’t seem illegal – Assuming that taking a prescription drug without a prescription is not illegal is a common mistake.
  • Thinking they are safe – The toxicity of prescription drugs does not seem as dangerous as that of cocaine, heroin, marijuana, etc.

The reality is that addiction is a potential danger, and abusing prescription drugs can be as unsafe as using any illegal drug. The consequences of abusing prescription drugs cause thousands of deaths every year.

Dangers of Borrowing Prescriptions Drugs from Atlanta Friends and Family

A prescription drug is just like a “street drug” in the sense that it stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain, leaving the person with a desire for more afterwards. But using another person’s prescription might lead to worse circumstances than the ones the user was trying to cope with in the first place. Some risks of drug abuse include:

  • Heightened stress due to abuse-related problems at work, home and other areas of social life
  • Constant feelings of depression or even chronic depression
  • Health issues related to side effects, withdrawal symptoms and overdose
  • Tolerance, dependence and addiction

When a prescription drug addiction develops, it can be difficult to overcome without professional treatment. Atlanta residents with a prescription drug addiction should seek addiction recovery and treatment.

Recover From a Prescription Drug Addiction

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