Cocaine Addiction Help

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Cocaine is a highly addictive drug and is classified as a Schedule II drug. The high cocaine provides is relatively short lived, and the effects of the drug begin to wear off after an hour. Another dose must be taken to continue maintain the high, and this leads to repeated use. Cocaine affects the pleasure center of the brain, and the repeated use of the drug dulls the normal capacity to enjoy life in Atlanta. Repeated stimulation changes the chemistry of the brain and can lead to physical dependence. By altering the chemistry of the brain the possibility of behavioral changes is greatly increased.

Cocaine Rehabilitation for Atlanta Residents

Cocaine is considered one of the more difficult drugs to stop using. Even after quitting former users tend to feel intense cravings for months. Cocaine alters the brain’s pleasure center, and symptoms of depression and restlessness can persist after detox and make it difficult to stay sober. While recovery is difficult, it is possible. With the help of treatment from a recovery center, the power of cocaine can be overcome. With effective treatment abstinence from cocaine is possible for Atlanta residents.

Rehab begins with detox, and detox is typically accompanied by withdrawal symptoms. Cocaine withdrawal symptoms can persist for months after quitting. Recovering users may be tempted to self-medicate these withdrawal symptoms, but this can lead to addiction transference. Cocaine rehab is beneficial, because patients learn techniques to manage their abstinence.

Residential treatment for cocaine addiction is the most highly recommended form of cocaine addiction recovery. Residential treatment removes you from your home environment in Atlanta that can trigger your addiction. Inpatient care lets you focus all your attention on sobriety. Many centers use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help patients understand the consequences of not quitting. CBT will also help patients learn what situations or emotions can trigger cocaine use. You will learn skills necessary to cope with the temptation to use. CBT helps you to feel motivated about quitting and teaches you real life skills that you can use outside of rehab.

Cocaine Rehabilitation Options for Atlanta Residents

If you are seeking treatment for cocaine addiction, please call our toll-free helpline today. The call is completely free, and a caring and understanding intake counselor is ready to assist you with any of your treatment needs. They can answer any questions you have and can check your insurance coverage to see what programs can be paid for you. Now is the time to ask for help. Call today.