Chemical Dependence Treatment

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Chemical dependence is addiction to a chemical not normally found in the body, such as heroin, cocaine, etc. After prolonged use these chemicals alter the brain so that addicts feel uncomfortable and can suffer painful side effects, or withdrawal. Many Atlanta residents recovered from chemical dependence with professional help.

Neurological Factors of Chemical Dependency in Atlanta

Dependency is a brain disease, and so the strong physical symptoms and cravings are actually based on altered brain chemistry. When a chemical substance is used to feel good or get high, pain is blocked in varying degrees. After repeated use this begins to feel normal to the brain, so Atlanta addicts become more susceptible to low levels of pain felt without the drug. This is where cravings and withdrawal come from. The brain grows new receptors, and so actually becomes more efficient at transmitting pain. The neurological cravings will continue for many months or even years after detox and withdrawal have occurred. This is because the brain has been permanently changed to expect the drug as part of normal life.

Behavioral Signs of Chemical Dependency and Addiction in Atlanta

Physical tolerance is not enough to determine dependency. A person’s uncontrollable need to use the drug is the main symptom of addiction and dependency, with the result being outward changes in behavior. Behavioral changes may include the following:

  • Being unable to control the amount of use
  • Abusing the drug despite negative consequences to health and personal life
  • Spending large amounts of money on the drug
  • Becoming so focused on the drug that less time is spent on previously enjoyable activities
  • Wanting to quit but being unable to

Once Atlanta addicts decide to continue using drugs despite negative consequences, the drug has changed their brains so much that they cannot control their own actions.

How Atlanta Residents Form a Chemical Dependency

The initial decision to use drugs is a dangerous one that can affect Atlanta users in different ways. Using a highly addictive substance such as heroin or morphine can almost immediately change a person’s brain pathways. Once physical dependency and neurological addiction have been formed, using the drug is no longer based on conscious thought or activity; at this point, the drug abuse is similar to other neurological disorders and treatment is necessary to return the brain to a normal state. With proper treatment, Atlanta addicts can rid their bodies of chemical addiction. This involves getting rid of the physical dependence through detox and withdrawal, followed by counseling and rehab to reestablish healthy neurological patterns and positive lifestyle changes.

Chemical Dependence Help for Atlanta Residents

Addiction can seem overwhelming, but recovery is possible through effective treatment. If you live in Atlanta and want help for a chemical dependence, call our toll-free 24 hour helpline now to find out what treatment methods will work best for you or your loved one.