Causes of Drug Addiction

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Many people continue to abuse drugs as a result of factors beyond their control. Genetic and environmental factors may play a large role in early drug use and addiction, and drug abuse may continue due to a desire to cope or self-medicate. There are many causes of drug addiction in Atlanta.

Using Drugs in Atlanta as a Coping Mechanism

Atlanta residents may begin using drugs as a way to cope with an uncontrollable situation. Pressure from work, school, family or friends may cause a person to take drugs to relax or escape. Abusive situations can also lead a person to take drugs as an escape. Grief over the loss of a loved one or as the result of a traumatic experience also plays a pivotal role in the use of drugs as a coping mechanism. If you or someone you know is taking drugs as a way to deal with the negative stresses in life, now is the time to get help. In rehab professional counselors and therapists will show you new and positive ways to cope with situations in your life. Learning how to manage daily life and unexpected events prevents future relapse.

Using Drugs in Atlanta to Self-Medicate

Drug use may begin with an Atlanta resident taking a substance to fall asleep, ease physical pain or focus on daily tasks. If this substance is not prescribed or is being used in a way or dose other than prescribed, this self-medication can lead to addiction. Using any drugs to get relief from physical or mental stresses can be harmful, if a doctor is not involved. Even taking more of a prescription than prescribed is self-medication and puts users at greater risk of addiction or overdose. If you choose to enroll in rehab, a licensed medical staff will evaluate your physical and mental health needs. By doing so they may uncover previously overlooked illnesses or may determine alternative options for treatment. If you have a mental health issue such as depression or anxiety, you need a treatment facility that specializes in Dual Diagnosis care. Dual Diagnosis treatment addresses physical addiction and mental health disorders simultaneously and works to prevent relapse as a result of either issue.

Genetics and Environment Impact Drug Use and Addiction

Many Atlanta residents who become addicted to drugs were raised by parents or relatives who also struggled with addiction. Your genetic predisposition to addiction is only one factor that influences how likely you are to become addicted. It may be easier to understand addiction as it relates to genetic predisposition, if you examine other diseases. For example a person whose parent had diabetes carries the genetic possibility of developing diabetes. However if that same person avoids bad lifestyle choices such as a poor diet and lack of exercise, diabetes can be largely prevented. The same is true for addiction. While children of addicts may be more likely to give in to addiction, there are ways to prevent such an outcome. One way rehab aids in preventing future drug use is by addressing your family’s addiction history. In rehab you can learn to take steps that will guide you away from drugs and ensure that future generations have a better chance at remaining drug free.

Atlanta Residents Can Overcome the Causes of Drug Addiction

We can help you overcome drug abuse or addiction. Call our toll-free helpline to learn more about your options for rehab and treatment. We are here 24 hours a day to help you or your loved one in Atlanta find the help needed for long-term recovery. We can even verify your insurance benefits for your program of choice. You can overcome addiction, and we can help. Please call today.