Can I Quit Drugs On My Own?

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Perhaps one of the most dangerous parts of drug addiction is that it distorts one’s view of addiction. Often, drug addicts view their problem as less severe than other people’s. As a result, many Atlanta drug addicts think they can stop whenever they want. These users might try to quit cold turkey, which means stopping completely and trying to stay off the drug by shear willpower.

This may work when quitting cigarettes, but trying this method with other drugs is exceedingly dangerous. Other Atlanta users attempt to use other drugs in order to ease the process. While this may provide relief in the short run, it will often result in another addiction. In short, if you live in Atlanta and are considering quitting drugs alone, that method usually results in relapse.

The Dangers of Unsupervised Detoxification

The biggest problem with the above approach is that it treats detox as the only part of treatment – a dangerous and false idea. Detox is the first part of most treatment plans, but if it is not supervised it can prove dangerous and ultimately unsuccessful.

Detox is the process of removing a toxic substance from the body. Of course, when a body has become dependent on that substance, it will react to being deprived of it. The body’s reaction to detox is known as withdrawal, the symptoms of which can be quite severe. In a proper rehab facility, the symptoms of withdrawal can be treated safely without the use of other medications, which could setback recovery. Left to one’s self, though, the pain and discomfort that comes with detox and withdrawal is likely to drive even the strongest-willed Atlanta residents back to drugs.

What Atlanta Residents Should Do after Detoxification

It is important to understand that full recovery includes much more than detox. Along with detox, and long after it’s through, exercise, counseling and support groups are all vital to full recovery. General body health and thorough exercise can make a significant difference during recovery and relieve stress. Therapy and counseling can provide patients the chance to consider the factors that might have led to addiction, and then plan to avoid those things in the future. If you live in Atlanta and are serious about recovery, entering a treatment program is the real solution.

Atlanta Detoxification Help

If you want to quit drugs, the safest and most successful way to do it is to get help and enter a treatment program. Call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline to speak with a trained addiction counselor who can help any Atlanta resident learn about treatment. We can also offer a free analysis of your insurance plan to let you know what degree of coverage you’re entitled to. Don’t wait another day. Trying to quit drugs on your own is dangerous and not likely to be successful. Call today and stop carrying the burden alone.