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Alcohol can be considered one of the most commonly abused legal drugs in the United States. In fact, the CDC in Atlanta reports that approximately one-third of women who drink alcohol do so heavily. The CDC has also reported that men are more likely to binge drink. Prolonged binge, and heavy drinking can lead to a number of health problems, but alcoholism changes every aspect of your life. Seeking treatment is the best way to avoid suffering the consequences of alcohol addiction.

Consequences of Alcoholism

Although you may not realize it, extended alcohol consumption can have serious effects on both you and the people around you. Alcoholism is a disease that takes major physical, emotional and even financial tolls on you.

Financial Burdens of Alcoholism

It may not be readily apparent, but alcoholism takes a toll on your financial resources. You may exhaust your finances in order to buy alcohol and maintain your addiction. Many alcoholics become unable to perform the duties of their jobs as their addiction progresses, making it difficult to continue paying basic bills. These financial burdens can also contribute to emotional troubles for you and your family.

Emotional Burdens of Alcoholism

Alcohol use has also been found to have a profound effect on your emotional health as well. Depression and alcohol are closely tied. Withdrawal can lead to feelings of depression, but conversely, depression can lead to alcohol use. Your alcohol use also impacts those around you, as your family struggles emotionally to deal with your dependency.

Physical Consequences of Alcoholism

Physically, alcoholism can lead to liver damage, heart disease, brain damage and even death. Prolonged alcohol use has also been linked to certain types of cancers. As a result of brain damage, you may experience memory loss or neurological issues. Getting treatment early is an important way to minimize the damage done to your body because ofalcoholism.

Choosing Alcoholism Rehab

If you choose to seek treatment at analcohol rehab center, it’s important to understand your options. Choosing the right rehab facility is vital to making a successful recovery because your comfort makes all the difference. When choosing a rehab center, be sure to understand the following things:

  • The method of treatment offered
  • Recovery time
  • Aftercare options
  • Cost of treatment
  • Insurance coverage

Have these questions answered early and you’ll make another step toward recovery from your addiction.

Finding Alcoholism Treatment Centers for Atlanta Addicts

If you’ve made the decision to seek alcohol addiction treatment, contact us and we can help you find a facility that meets your unique needs.