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Of the 1.8 million people who sought addiction treatment in 2006, 40 percent did so for alcoholism or alcohol dependency. Alcoholism affects people of all ages, in every economic and social position. The danger alcoholism presents is something that should never be taken lightly. These dangers can be minimized or even beaten when alcohol dependency istreated properly.

Understanding Alcoholism

Before you can seek treatment, you may want to understand more about alcoholism itself. Alcohol addiction is a physical and psychological addiction. It’s considered a physical addiction because long-term users can experience harsh physical withdrawal if they attempt to go without alcohol suddenly. You’re also more at risk of liver disease, heart problems and death if you’re a long-time drinker. Death is a serious risk of alcohol use, as almost 5,000 teen deaths each year are attributed to the drug. Depression and mood changes are common psychological side effects of alcohol abuse which can lead to suicide or other severe actions.

Alcoholism can also put considerable strain on your relationships. Often you won’t want to admit that there is problem or that alcohol is interfering with the daily activities in your life. You may become unable to maintain sobriety to work well, lose your job and find yourself with financial difficulties.

Proper treatment is the best way to change your life but this takes effort. Each treatment option is different in many ways, but your commitment to wellness must stay the same.

Alcoholism Treatment Types for Atlanta Addicts

There are a number of options for alcohol addiction treatment; however, the path you choose must be right for you. Inpatient, outpatient, and external support groups make up the three major treatment options available.

Support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous can be found in your community. Usually they are free for anyone willing to improve their life. What makes AA such a useful resource is that everyone in the group, including sponsors, are recovering addicts themselves. You will be able to help guide each other through the recovery process.

For more severe addictions, however, you may need more supervision. Outpatient treatment allows you attend counseling and drug testing sessions at a specialized facility but doesn’t require you to enroll in a live-in program. This method of treatment keeps you at home throughout your recovery.

Inpatient rehab is similar to outpatient treatment in its counseling practices, but a residential program is designed to take you away from the daily stresses of your life and let you examine how they have contributed to your addiction. Residential programs also typically require medically supervised detox periods, as well as individual therapy and group counseling. The goal of inpatient programs is recovery, and this helps you become better able to deal with youraddictionafter your release.

Finding Alcoholism Services for Atlanta Addict

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