Athletes and Painkiller Addiction

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Amateur and professional athletes are at risk for prescription painkiller addiction due to the increased pressure for higher performance. Prescription painkiller addiction may begin with something as simple as a coach or trainer giving something to an athlete to keep him or her in the game with a minor injury. Athletes are also at an increased risk because of their high rate of surgery compared to the average person in Atlanta. An athlete might have an injury repaired multiple times in his or her career and use prescription painkillers off and on for several years. Athletes that abuse prescription painkillers might find themselves using the medication to function at normal levels or to help cope with their high-stress job. Athletes who use prescription medication to control pain must use extreme caution to avoid addiction.

Painkiller Addiction and Staying in the Game

For athletes at every level of play staying in the game is the most important thing. This is even true in the event of chronic, pain-causing injuries. Using narcotic painkillers like Vicotin can give players the relief they need to continue playing, even when it hurts. With prolonged use of narcotic pain relievers the person abusing the drugs begins to experience feelings of euphoria along with pain relief. Before long the athlete is addicted to the drug and needs the substance to perform at normal levels. Drug screening programs for college and professional level athletes in Atlanta look regularly for steroid use in players, but prescription painkiller use has been able to stay under the radar. Athletes often doctor shop to keep a supply of the medication at all times so they will have no reduction in performance.

Painkiller Addiction in Atlanta and the Pressure to Perform

Athletes often put their bodies at risk by using prescription pain relievers to continue performing. Gymnasts, ice skaters and other solo-performance athletes are pressured to add more and more difficult tricks to their routines, increasing the risk of serious injury. Prescription painkillers allow these athletes to perform with injuries that might otherwise place them on the bench. Using prescription painkillers put these athletes at increased risk of permanent injury. This is especially true in young athletes in Atlanta who are still growing and developing. Not only do prescription painkillers increase a young athlete’s risk of developing a dangerous drug addiction, they could be doing irreparable damage to normal development.

Treatment for Prescription Drug Addiction

Getting into a treatment program is the best way for an athlete to deal with his or her prescription painkiller addiction. Treatment programs allow time for the body to detox and heal from the influence of the drug. Treatment also provides new coping skills for dealing with the pressure to perform and the stress that comes with a career as a professional athlete. Through detox, rehab and ongoing support, the athlete can find the help he or she needs to live a drug-free life in Atlanta.

Find Help for Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drug addiction can happen to anyone at any level of athletic performance. Admitting you have a problem and getting help despite potential career consequences is the first step to a life free from drug abuse. If you or a loved one struggles with prescription painkiller addiction, we are here to help you. Call our toll-free number 24 hours a day to speak with a recovery counselor. We are ready to answer your questions about addiction and help you find the right treatment program for your unique situation. You can get back in the game, but you will need a treatment team to help you do so.